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Facility Hire

In 2017 the College offers a range of facilities available for Hire. Before making a facility hire enquiry please read the Terms and Conditions of Use, enquiries as well as seperate information relating to Weddings can be found at the bottom of the page. 

Conditions of Hire

Any breach of these conditions may result in a loss of bond and/or additional costs may be levied against the hirer.

Onsite Activities Permitted:

  • Family or Private function (no 18th or 21st birthdays, Bucks' or Hens' nights)
  • Social, Recreation and Service Club meetings
  • Non-profit service organisation meetings
  • Art Cultural and craft displays and events
  • Community group meetings

Onsite activities Not Permitted:

Political Party rallies

  • Activities likely to cause damage to the premises
  • Activities likely to cause nuisance to neighbouring residents or commercial properties
  • Activities not in line with the College's image and identity

Payment of Hire Charges

All prices are subject to variation and hire fees will be those current at the time the function is held. A bond will be required from the hirer of the venue prior to each function and may be varied depending on the type of function to be held by the hirer. This will be refunded within 21 working days if not required to cover excess cleaning or repair costs. The balance and bond money must be paid at least 14 working days prior to the date of reservation. If your booking is made within 14 days of the required date, payment is required immediately.


Depending on the type of function/activity you are conducting on property of the College, the hirer may be required to provide the College with proof of their Public Liability Insurance, e.g. Certificate of Currency up to $10 million dollars. Please seek advice from the College if you are uncertain of your responsibilities/obligations prior to paying any monies for your booking.


Sub-Letting of the facilities or any part thereof is prohibited


Cancellations of bookings must be given in writing not less than four weeks prior to the function date, otherwise unpaid fees will still apply. The College reserves the right to refuse an application for a booking or cancel a booking if it is deemed that the activity being undertaken does not adhere to the permitted activities, similarly if the booking conflicts with the school calendar.

Accessing the Premises

The hirer cannot access the premises earlier than 10.00am on the day of the function to set up the hall.

Vacating Premises

The function must conclude by the time specified on the Reservation Application and no later than12.00 midnight in the case of an evening booking.


Hirers will be required to pay for any property and equipment that is damaged, lost or stolen as a result of the hire and agree to indemnify the College against all proper costs, charges and expenses in respect thereof. An example list of possible costs deductible from your Bond prior to refund. If damages exceed the bond, you will be liable for any extra costs incurred can be found in the full application document.


No advertising is permitted on or in any part of the building and its surrounds without prior approval from the College.

Liquor Permit

No intoxicating liquor of any kind shall be sold, or consumed, on any College property without prior notice of intent and then approval being granted. In accordance with the provisions of the Licensing Act 1997, a Limited Licence must be obtained for the supply of liquor at a function where either:The cost of liquor is to be recouped by imposing an admission/cover charge on those attending the function or Liquor is to be sold and/or consumed on the premises.It is the responsibility of the hirer to arrange for the relevant Limited Licence, a copy of which must be lodged with the College no later than 14 days prior to the function. Limited Licences are available from the Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner, 9th Floor, East Wing Zurich Building, 50 Grenfell Street, Adelaide. The hirer must display the licence at the function.


It may be a requirement for a Security Officer to be present for the duration of your event. This will incur an additional fee, payable by the hirer. Additional fees will be charged if the building is left unsecured and/or if a security call-out is registered.


Prior to vacating the building, it is the hirer's responsibility to ensure:

  • Rubbish is placed in internal bins or emptied into external wheelie bins. External wheelie bins
  • are not to be left inside the facility.
  • All tables, chairs, kitchen, bench and bar areas to be left clean.
  • All tables and chairs to be stacked neatly and against the wall.

Extra Cleaning fees will apply if the following is present: leftover rubbish or mess, stained carpets, broken glass/dangerous goods, stove/oven/bar area/fridge not clean, counters not wiped or similar requiring additional cleaning.

Cleaning materials and equipment are not provided.


The hirer may affix decorations only to the wall at the places provided. Adhesive tape must not be used on the walls. Decorations must be removed before vacating the premises.

What You Need to Provide

Hirers are advised that it is their responsibility to arrange for the supply of crockery, cutlery, glasses, tea towels, napery/linen and all consumable materials including dish detergent. Hirers must also provide their own cleaning materials and equipment.

Hirers are advised that it is their responsibility to arrange for the supply of power boards and extension cords, should these be required. It is recommended any such equipment be appropriately tested and tagged as safe to use.


The volume of music must be controlled in the interests of the nearby residents and must cease no later than 11.30pm in the case of an evening booking. The volume of music played shall be no greater than that which would conform to the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 2007. Excessive noise will result in the loss of bond money.


Keys may be collected on the Thursday or Friday during the week of the function. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure any keys are collected during office hours from the College. A fee will apply if the premises are required to be opened outside the College's normal opening hours. Keys must be returned the first working day after the function, during normal office hours or alternatively placed in the designated out of hours slot on the front of Rostrevor House.


Smoking is not permitted on College grounds. This is in accordance with School Policy. Fire extinguishers are provided for use in emergency situations only. Smoke Machines Smoke machines are not permitted.

Operating Procedures

The hire fee does not include the setting up of seating, tables, equipment or packing up the chairs at the conclusion of a function. Such work is the responsibility of the hirer.

The hirer shall be entitled to use only that equipment and parts of the property for which application was made and approval granted.

Children are to be supervised at all times.

The College reserves the right to review applications/hiring fees/conditions and to set up any other additional conditions that are deemed to be necessary in the best interest of the operation of the facilities and the security and safety of its occupants/College community. The College will not consider the hiring of College facilities for 18th/21st celebrations or Bucks' (Grooms') or Hens' (Bride's) Functions .

It is the Hirer's responsibility to secure the premises before leaving.

All personal belongings and equipment must be removed from the hired area. Equipment from a function may be stored and left on the premises only by prior arrangement.

The College will not accept any liability in regards to any hirer's or function attendees' personal belongings or equipment at any time.

Prior to leaving the premises please ensure all electrical appliances, lighting, air conditioning is switched off. A surcharge may apply for any equipment left on.

Hirers will be required to comply with any other security procedures as specified by the College and as agreed upon by both parties.

Hirer's must respect the rights of individuals who may be resident on the grounds or surrounds in terms of behaviour, noise level, etc. There will be a 12:00 midnight curfew enforced during school terms. During school holidays and Boarders exeat weekends the curfew will be extended to 1:00am. 

Special Conditions

The College may at any time impose special conditions on the hirer in addition to the standard Conditions of Hire. In this instance, the hirer shall be notified in writing prior to the function.

Chapel of St Joseph (Weddings) 

The College's Chapel of St Joseph is only available for Weddings (no Baptisms). The Rostrevor College Chapel has been restored as a place of beauty for prayer and worship in the life of the College community and it is important that the Chapel and its precincts are maintained appropriately.

The Christian Brothers and the College make their Chapel available for weddings of Old Scholars and other parties who have the agreement of a Roman Catholic Priest prepared to lead the ceremony according to the rites of the Catholic Church.  Rostrevor does not have its own Priest.













Chapel Conditions and Application


Make a Facility Hire Enquiry 

Facility Hire Enquiry

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