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Community Consultation process for the appointment of new Rostrevor College Principal

Mar 06 2017
    Following the appointment of Mr Simon Dash as Principal of Xavier Catholic College in Hervey Bay, Edmund Rice Education Au...

Staff Professional Development Day

Jan 25 2017
Please note: The College Front Office will be closed for a Staff Professional Development Day on Friday, 27 January 2017.  The Office w...

2017 Return to School - Important Information

Jan 20 2017
  As the start of the School year comes closer, we have some reminders about the first 2 days of school.  Information follows: ...

2016 SACE Results

Dec 20 2016
  Click Here - 2016 SACE Results 2016 SACE RESULTS Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2016 and College Dux Christian Pi...

Commencement of remediation and earthworks on stage 1 & 2 Glen Stuart Road

Oct 18 2016
Dear College Community, Please find below a link to a letter from Starfish Developments regarding commencement of remediation and earthworks...



We’re living in a fantastic new age—a fascinating but also challenging age. This is a time where the world is advancing at a rate that we can barely keep up. In our present time, powerful technologies and information systems have precipitated all walks of life. Facts are becoming obsolete faster now, while knowledge built on these facts becomes a lot less durable and the technologies currently flooding the market will be superseded within a relatively short period of time.

This is altering the very fabric of our society, and affecting the way we work, play, communicate, how we learn, and what's important for us to know. At Rostrevor, we understand this and we respond to it by ensuring that we provide students and teachers with access to the necessary resources (including training, hardware and software). We evaluate our operations, curriculum, pedagogy and assessment models in an attempt to meet the challenges ahead. This is to ensure that students are provided with every opportunity to develop the skills and capabilities for a very different world.

At Rostrevor we understand that the technology is just a tool and it is the teaching and learning that needs to respond to the challenges that lie ahead. Students will need a whole new set of skills, vastly different from what we needed to help us succeed. We also understand that we need to continue to re-evaluate current instructional and assessment methods, policies relevant to technologies and their use, and to provide guidance in how to make change a beneficial thing for both student and teacher.





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