Junior Years

Term 1, Week 7 - 2018, 15 March

From the Principal Brian Schumacher
Principal Taking time out
It is well known that as we get older time seems to fly by more quickly than when we were young. Thus, we find ourselves in March, Autumn and Week 7 of Term 1. In our busy lives we are often left wondering, "Where did that time go?" With this in mind, I find t...

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Term 1, Week 6, Bulletin - Thurs 08 March 2018

Senior Years Co-Curricular News Mr Jeff Fischer
Head of Co-Curricular Activities This weekend gives all of the boys and their families a chance to rest up for the final two rounds of summer competition as there will be no games played over the long weekend.  Training will continue as normal to give boys a chance to work on thei...

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Term 1, Week 5 - 2018, 01 March

 From Leadership Brian Schumacher
Principal JY Stepping Up Evening 'What a terrific way to finish the week', is how I described last Friday evening's Father/Male Mentor and sons' night at the Junior campus. Like most great ideas, the beauty of this event is its simplicity - gather Dads/Male Mentors and their s...

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Term 1, Week 3 - 2018, 15 February

From the Principal Mr Brian Schumacher
Principal Whether it is taking time out to celebrate the opening of the school year with a liturgy or earlier this week making time to mark the start of Lent with Ash Wednesday liturgies, it is hard to escape the reality that there is something different about studying in a Catholic school. ...

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Term 4, Week 7, Newsletter - Thurs 30 November 2017

From the Principal Mr Damian Messer
Principal I write to you today with a touch of sadness as it will be my final time in addressing the Rostrevor community.  Looking back on the year, it has been such a privilege to be welcomed into a community with such fondness and open arms.  The year has gone very quickly, and I hope,...

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