Junior Years News - Article 1

Written on the 2 February 2017 by Geoff Aufderheide

Junior Years News - Article 1


Dear members of the Rostrevor College Community,

In the first communication to you for the 2017 academic year, I would like to sincerely welcome our new students and their families to the Rostrevor College community. We have had new enrolments in all of the Junior classes this year and these fresh faces will no doubt continue to add to the rich and vibrant 'story' of Rostrevor. I trust that your journey at our College will be joyful and rewarding as we aim to work in partnership with you in the development of your son as a man for others.

Our commencement on Tuesday of this week saw our new students presented at our annual Valley Ceremony and this welcome continued in classes as the boys returned and began to settle into the routine and structure of a school environment. At 10:20am we stopped work and gathered together in our courtyard to officially open and dedicate our brand new playground! We were delighted to have in our company, our Principal, Mr Damian Messer, Chair of the College Board, Dr Vin Thomas, College Business Manager, Mrs Jan Hurley, Assistant Principal Religious Identity and Mission, Br John Ahern, Facilities Operation Manager, Mr Andrew Osborn and Campus Captain, Charlie Crafter and Vice-Captain, Thomas Washbourne. In opening our new playground, I explained to the boys that we were going to dedicate the space to play and the joy of friendship and this became evident when the boys roared their happiness as we cut the ribbon! It was quite a sight to see over 150 boys clamouring all over the shiny new space but pleasing to see that they all fit!

As we commence the year, I'd like to impress upon all families the critical importance of timely attendance to school. Our day officially commences in classes at 8:35am where we fulfil a legal requirement of attending to absentees. In addition, our morning Pastoral Care session (until 9:00am when lesson 1 commences) sets up the learning for the day. If a boy arrives consistently late, then he will regularly miss important information about the day ahead or requirements for learning. Please contact your son's classroom teacher if you anticipate that he will be late, or contact Elias Degeorge or myself if there are challenges in arriving on time. Boys who arrive late must report to the Junior Office where they are required to sign.

Boys are able to arrive at school from 8:15am onwards when staff commence their yard duty either in the Courtyard or out on the Crossing. If students arrive at school before this time, they will be sent to OSHC and charged for the service. Our duty of care to the boys and our Insurance, does not cover students or staff until after 8:15am.

Finally, it is tradition that we welcome our youngest 'batch' of Rossie boys as they commence a 13-year journey in education at Rostrevor. As our Principal, Mr Damian Messer, said to them all this morning, "imagine how big some of these guys will be in 13 years!" These young lads will be our 'Tredecim Annis' students 13 years from now!

We warmly welcome;

  • Luca Beltrame

  • Hugh Benzan

  • William Cattrall

  • Henryk Jaworek

  • Luca Masullo

  • Alexander Prevett

  • Luca Ricci

Best wishes,
Geoff Aufderheide
Director Junior Campus


Author:Geoff Aufderheide


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