Br Henry Gurr

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Br Henry Gurr

Excerpt from 2005  Rostrevor Magazine


Letter from Br Gurr to St. Edmunds.

Br Gurr RIP from the 1965 Annual
Rostrevor was in its early pioneering days when he became a member of the staff in January 1925, and no other Brother in the history of the school was to have such a long association with Rostrevor. It was his lot to play a major part in the building of a great school, and from small beginnings he was to see great growth.

During his long years at Rostrevor he was to be in charge of the junior boys. The classes were not large in those days, and for many years he taught all the junior grades up to Grade 6. His "junior dorm" was a place where contentment and actively reigned supreme, and Rostrevor men of those years will recall with nostalgia, the nightly sing-songs with mouth organ accompaniment, the pre-bed suppers, and the many ingenious schemes for making boarding school life pleasant, particularly for those who at times felt a little lonely at the thought of being so far from home. He had a great faculty for making friends, for understanding his boys, and for winning their respect and confidence by the genuineness of his character and his unbounded sympathy. He had a deep appreciation for music , and for years his choirs were a feature of the annual breakup functions.

Brother Gurr was a confirmed believer in the great part that sport could play in the development of character and school spirit, and as coach of the Under 13 teams in football and cricket he was to earn a reputation that was to become almost legendary. Year after year his teams would go through the seasons without defeat. and many lads who went on to fame in League and country football bore witness to his coaching skill.

From the 1965 Annual: Rev Br Henry Stanislaus Gurr 1900 - 1965

He had a remarkable memory for names and faces, and followed with untiring interest the after school careers of the Rostrevor boys of his day. Nothing pleased him more than to tour the country centres of the State during the term vacations, and to make contact with old boys, and many past Rostrevor men will recall with gratitude how Br Gurr was the one responsible for smoothing out difficulties, and for making it possible for them to enjoy the privilege of attending Rostrevor. 

Br Gurr's farewell from the 1952 Annual
The association of Br Gurr's name with Rostrevor has held since the founding of the College; no other has watched in growth and progress as well as he. His transfer to Sydney, hard as it must have been to him, brought wonder and surprise to Rostrevor's friends, who had come to regard him as a part of the College.

It would be extremely laborious to attempt a history of Br Gurr's activities, interests, achievements and successes during his years at Rostrevor. Only he could give us so much history of the College history in which he has always figured. Testimony of his valued works has often appeared spontaneously during the year from his many friends counted in thousands throughout the State. News from and of Rostrevor was his request through the months.

From the 1949 Annual: Br. Gurr supervises the collection of rocks during the development of the Memorial Ovals.

Outstanding among his duties were care for and teaching of the Junior boys, the College Choir, the Under 13 football and cricket teams. He carried the good name of Rostrevor to many homes throughout South Australia, bringing boarders who would be given the opportunity of getting a broader education not practicable under conditions. Many are the Catholic homes grateful and happier for the services of Br Gurr. 

Rostrevor remembers you, Br Gurr although we may not tell you in letter you would like to welcome more often. Your labours are lasting and fruitful appreciated here and in many square miles of this State you knew so long.


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