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Bulletin, Term 1, Week 6 - Article 2

Written on the 9 March 2017 by Co-Curricular Staff

2017 Swimming Carnival Report


It was hot inside the venue and the water was even hotter from the level of competition and performances! I watched all day with anticipation as the houses battled out one of the closest carnivals I have ever been associated with and that's a lot!

The performances and involvement (there were NO races that did not have a competitor from all the houses) from all the swimmers from all ages and houses was incredible, a true testament to the commitment, passion and enthusiasm pre-event by the House Leaders, House Captains, teachers and students in general not to mention the spirit that makes this school truly great. There were many close races with plenty of the "Give it your all" attitude we at Rostrevor are known for!

Once again the efforts of the PE staff in running the day was exceptional, in fact Herculean; without their commitment and effort there is NO way something like this event would be successful. They run it like a well-oiled machine.

And who could forget Mr Baclagian who keeps all the scores ticking along the way I want them! Many thanks to the many who make this event successful: the teachers doing the duties, the parents who came along to spectate and, above all, the students who made this event memorable once again. We really did "see further" this year.

Someone asked me post carnival what I thought was the most memorable event. There were many, but I really enjoy the invitational 100 metres, where the crème de la crème of Rostrevor's swimmers take to the pool. To see the talent that we have in this place and to see it showcased in front of their peers was, dare I say it. "Special"!

Well done to Egan House for their victory it seems they have a mortgage on all that is carnivals - be it swimming or athletics! Yet how good were the fledgling Gurr in the battle royal that emerged all day. People forget 5 years ago Egan finished this event in 6th Place. It must be in the water they have been using of late!

In the words of famous grid iron coach Joe Paterno, "When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality" can this be the mantra for the modern Egan team model in 2017?

 As I wiped the sweat from my brow, eased the grimace of stress from my face and the cappuccino froth from my lips, the final score sheet revealed the spoils of the battle that was 2017.

Overall Scores

1st   Egan


2nd - Gurr


3rd - Murphy


4th O'Brien


5th - Barron


6th - Webb



Middle School Scores

1st   Egan


2nd - Murphy


3rd O'Brien


4th - Webb


5th - Gurr


6th - Barron



Senior School Scores

1st   Gurr


2nd- Egan


3rd Murphy


4th O'Brien


5th- Barron


6th - Webb



The 100 metres Invitational Event was won by Lawson Nitschke from Gurr.


The official Medal Winners for outstanding contributions on the day were:





Year 7

H Shutte(M)

M Pipicella (O)

I Oak (G)

Year 8

L Mahar (E)

H Myers(G)

T Walls (E) and
T Carron (W)

Year 9

S Rahaley (E)

H Shutte(M)

F Pogas (O)

Year 10

J Rahaley (E)

S Hearn (B)

J Tatarelli (M)

Year 11

R Lau (M)

W Fraser (G)

G Connolly(B)

Year 12

L Nitschke (G)

B Luna(O)

H Rahaley (E)


What a day! Gotta love it!

Glen Urbani
Head of Health & PE 



Author: Co-Curricular Staff
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