Junior Years News - Article 4

Written on the 17 March 2017 by Geoff Aufderheide

Dear Parents/Caregivers and family members,

Academic Award Winners for Semester 2, 2016.

During our last two Junior Years Afternoon Assemblies, it has been our pleasure to present various academic awards based on Semester 2 results from 2016. Such awards highlight not only academic ability (Palma Merenti and Principal's Awards) but also focus on effort over the course of a whole semester (Christian Brothers Awards). As a community, we congratulate the boys below for receiving the awards listed but we also acknowledge a host of boys who may have improved performance in one subject area or who may have received a grade for a subject that was a significant improvement or perhaps their 'best effort'. (Please note that classes listed are 2016 classrooms);


Palma Merenti Awards
  • Carlen Becker (4BL)

  • Osose Oyugbo (4RE)

  • Charlie Crafter (5BL)

  • Jack Dundon (5BL)

  • Alexander Pertl (5BL)


Principal's Awards
  • Oscar Crafter (1RE)

  • Lutanda McLeod (1RE)

  • Alessio Maiorano (2RE)

  • Damon Tatarelli (3RE)

  • Alecs Zorzi (3RE)

  • Tom Braunack (4BL)

  • Ignatius Crafter (4BL)

  • Henry Knight (4BL)

  • Oseremen Oyugbo (4RE)

  • Domenico Zappia (4BL)

  • Jakob Centofanti (5BL)

  • Wieu Duang Deng (5BL)

  • Nicholas Malatesta (5RE)

  • Thomas Washbourne (5RE)


Christian Brother Awards
  • Alex Ascensio (1BL)

  • Miles Fotheringham (1RE)

  • Marcus Hopgood (1BL)

  • Alec Cavuoto (2RE)

  • Christian Disciscio (2RE)

  • Matteo Maiorano (2RE)

  • Edward Pipe (2RE)

  • Nicholas Babic (3RE)

  • Massimo Cerracchio (3RE)

  • Adam Hardwarewala (3RE)

  • Xavier Kelly (3RE)

  • Thomas Fotheringham (4BL)

  • Max Hansford (4RE)

  • Alexandros Kapiris (4RE)

  • Isaac Kelly (5RE)


Launchbox A successful launch!

On Sunday 5th March, a group of our current Year 7 boys gave up some of their time to launch our satellites at Mount Barker High School. This was the culmination of work done with Rocket Scientist, Mrs Flavia Nardini, from Launchbox. After some less than perfect weather disrupted previous launch plans at the end of 2016, we were finally 'all systems go' for the 5th March.

We can report a highly successful launch and the satellites, complete with GoPro cameras, fed back to us a range of photographs and data. This was the outcome of a series of workshops we trialled in 2016 and we look forward to continuing our foray into space with our Year 6 students in 2017.

Special thanks must go to Mr Elias Degeorge for arranging and overseeing the program and to Ms Lauren Hanson and Mr Michael Monda for their support of the boys and the launch.

God Bless,


Geoff Aufderheide
Director, Junior Campus





Author:Geoff Aufderheide


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