Junior Years News - Article 5

Written on the 30 March 2017 by Geoff Aufderheide

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students,

I have recently returned from an annual Junior Leaders' Conference in Tasmania. This event each year sees all Edmund Rice Education Australia Junior School Leaders gather at a city to share ideas and see new educational contexts. This year we were hosted by St Virgil's College Hobart and we spent 3 days visiting schools in and around Hobart. Given the population and context of Tasmania, this was an incredibly valuable personal experience and insight into how other schools educate boys in the Edmund Rice tradition. A highlight for me was the group packing 'care packs' for families who are at the margins of society and we did this incredibly important work at the Food Bank organisation. Food Bank currently support over 400 schools in Tasmania by providing breakfast each day to over 5,000 young people. Truly remarkable work!

Curse on the King

As I sat on a delayed plane back to Adelaide on Wednesday evening I am aware that Year 4, 5 and 6 staff hosted a performance called, 'Curse on the King'. As I mentioned in the Foreword of the play booklet, it has been a long time between drinks that the Junior Campus has presented a production such as this. As I suggested to all the performers this morning, after they energetically performed for their peers, this is evidence, yet again, that Rostrevor boys can do anything! The performance highlights for us all the many and varied opportunities our boys have to extend themselves and step outside of their comfort zones. Our young men feel a great level of comfort and strength when performing in front of their parents and peers and this is one significant reason why an all-boys environment works best for them.

I wish to publicly acknowledge and thank our Year 4/5 and 5/6 staff; Ms Lauren Hanson and Mr Michael Monda, for their energy and effort in providing the boys a chance to shine! Much of the preparation work was done outside of school hours and it is this extra effort that the boys greatly value and appreciate. Thanks also to Mr Elias Degeorge for supporting the group performance by arranging staging, background effects and the musical score. We have been buoyed by this production and it is wonderful to feel the energy that comes from such an event. Rumours of a musical performance are now spreading watch this space!

Term 1 Junior Reports

All staff from R-12 are now busily preparing for end of term reports. Junior boys will receive their report, on the College Portal, at the end of the term. This Term 1 report is an 'indicator' of performance for the first 11 weeks of the year, as is the case with our Term 3 reports. Therefore, the report will give parents, caregivers and students an indication of their progress so far. Subject comments will be based on the content covered over the course of the term and each learning area will have an Effort and Academic grade from A-E.

Given we have Parent/Teacher interviews early in Term 2, these reports will form the basis of discussions at that time. Staff may indicate their need to meet with parents/caregivers during the interviews and thus, the report we generate in Term 1 will be a key document in these meetings. If students are considered to be having levels of difficulty with one or a range of subject areas, staff will request an interview with you to discuss plans to support students moving forward.

Of course, if you ever have any questions or concerns about your son's progress, you are warmly invited to contact his Pastoral/Classroom teacher to discuss this and our staff will determine a time to meet with you.

With kind regards,

Geoff Aufderheide
Director, Junior Campus




Author:Geoff Aufderheide


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