Noel Hamden '50

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Noel Hamden '50

Excerpt from 2006 Rostrevor Magazine

Noel Hamden.

Noel Hamden attended Rostrevor from 1945-50. He was a Prefect in his final year as well as Captain of the 1st XI and a member of the lstXVIII. In reflecting on his College cricketing days, he relates an interesting fact that from 1943 to 1950, over the eight years, 6 of the 1st XI Captains were boarders from the West Coast:

Frank Harby (1943- Pt Lincoln), Peter Broderick (1945- Minippa). Jim Carey (1947- Chandada), John Walsh (1948- Cummins), Denis Murphy (1949- Sheringa) and Noel Hamden (1950- Elliston).

From tge 1949 Annual 1st XI
(left to right): D Murphy, F Murphy, P Martin, D Kavanagh, R Rice, W Braitling, N Hamden, P Pak Poy, D Smith, P Vivian.


During this era the West Coast was regularly visited by the Christian Brothers, in particular Br Mogg and Br Bourke, as they talked up the benefits of a Rostrevor education to these Catholic communities and their sons.

The Brothers were very proud that the West Coast had such a strong sporting and academic influence on the fortunes of the College. Noel is still the proud possessor of a diary presented to him by Br Mogg in congratulating him on his 1st XI Captaincy.

From the 1948 Annual 1st XI (left to right)
Front Row: L Potts, R J Rice. J F Walsh (Capt), A Dunn, P Silverman
Second Row: D Smith, N T Dean, D Murphy, B Head, B Dalzell, N Hamden Absent: W P Broderick (Vice-Capt.)

Sadly, four of the aforementioned group have passed away.

Noel lived only 35 miles from Denis Murphy in those days and they still remain close friends. Denis attended Rostrevor from 1944 to 1949. In his final year he was a Prefect, he played in the 1st XVIII, was  captain of the 1st XI, 'led the team capably during the season, winner of the bowling trophy' taking 24 wickets at an average of 6.8 runs. He also won the English and Ancient History Prizes in Leaving Honours. 

From the 1945 Annual 1st XI
(left to right) Font row: B Hockney, B Kildea, D McCormack, D Dalzell, J Walsh, R Hall, L Moloney, (Scorer)
Second row: L Streng, R Veitch, P Broderick (Captain), J Carey, J Woods (Vice-Capt), N Gray


Denis was also Secretary of the Debating Society and a YCS Group Leader. Denis is the grandfather of Nick (Year 10) and Thomas (Year 9) and 2004 graduate James. He is also the father of old scholars Davin, Lyall and Sean.

In those days the Murphy's ran a sheep property at Sheringa (still operated by Davin) and the Hamden's had the General Store at Elliston.

Noel had his is three sons Peter, John and Paul, attend Rostrevor in the 60s, 70s and 80s respectively. A point of Rostrevor historical interest which Noel is very proud is that he and Peter are the only father/son combination to have captained the 1st XI in their respective years. Peter captained the 1st XI in 1973.

From the 1943 Annual 1st XI (left to right)
Front Row: N Canny, M Cook, B Moore, F Harby, J Clota, P Broderick, J Potts

On leaving school both Noel and Denis continued their association with cricket at a local country level and both represented their districts in Country Carnivals. In 1954, Noel was selected in a SA Country Representative team which played before the Queen at Adelaide Oval and Noel was fortunate enough to be introduced to Her Majesty at that time.

In 1970 Noeal sold the General Store at Elliston and his interest in a sheep property in WA and he and wife Helen and the five children moved to Adelaide. Noel Purchased Sapphire Distributors at Woodville which is a wholesale jewellery, giftware and trophy business and for over two decades Sapphire Distributiors supplied trophies to Rostrevor. In fact, the Year 8A Cricket Trohpy is still known as the Noel Hamden Trophy.

Noel Hamden is introduced to her majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Adelaide Oval in 1954. Noel is second from the right.

Noel and Denis are now retired and living in Adelaide. Noel still keeps in touch with old College friends: David Danzell, Peter Henderson, Allan Dunn, Pat Martin, John Tandy, John Evans and John Crawford and it is pleasing to note that all these gentlemen still keep in close contact with the College.


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