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Written on the 30 March 2017 by Damian Messer

Mithra Indian Pilgrimage

At our recent leader's assembly held on Friday 17 March in Purton Hall, we welcomed a special guest, Mrs Helen Mahoney. Helen has a number of roles in our organisation; one is a member of the EREA Board. However, for this assembly, Helen was representing the staff and students of Mithra.

Mithra is one of the schools our Indian Pilgrims visited on their recent trip to India last year. Helen is the niece of Sister Mary Theodore, the founder of the school at Mithra. Mithra is a school, which educates 75 young disabled Indian children, in both a day and boarding context. Early in 2016 during the floods in Chenai, 3 of the low lying buildings, a classroom, a hall and the administration offices, were all inundated and consequently condemned. As a part of our Red and Black discos and fundraising for the trip to India, Deputy Head Prefect Alex Cusack, on behalf of the pilgrims, gave Mrs Mahoney a cheque to go some way to helping rebuild the destroyed buildings. Alex spoke passionately about the trip and the effect that Mithra had on our boys. We thank Helen for her time and we asked her to take the money with all of our love, care and concern.

Principal's Ball

Take yourself back to the 1920s, where black tie and flowing long dresses were all the rave at any gala event during this era. This was the challenge we put to our young men as they prepared for this year's Principal's Ball.. and boy did they deliver!

Saturday night at the Ellington was an extremely successful night, much in part due to the wonderful way the young men of Rostrevor engaged in the evening. From their entry, where they introduced themselves and their partner to Mrs Messer and myself, their participation in all parts of the night, right through to the thanks and genuine happiness on their face when they left. I take this opportunity to thank all who played a part in making the evening the success it was and again, congratulate the boys on the way the conducted themselves throughout the evening.




Co Curricular Thank you

As we come to the end of a very busy Term 1, I would like to take the opportunity of thanking anyone who played a part in our co-curricular program in Term 1. Whether it be coach, manager, water boy, cheer squad or just driving our boys to and from a venue, it plays an important part in providing the opportunity for our young men to participate. We look forward to our boys continuing their involvement in the next phase of the program and students are encouraged to speak to the relevant staff on how they can be more involved.

Yours in Edmund

Damian Messer





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