Simon Vivian '75

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Simon Vivian

Excerpt from 2002 Rostrevor Magazine

The Vivian name is well known to Rostrevor and the success of Simon Vivian, as reported on in a number of bloodstock circles, has prompted Red & Black to contact Simon and share with readers this profile.

Simon Vivian ('75).

Simon Vivian ('75) attended Rostrevor for 10 years. His father Peter ('50), and brother Michael ('73), also attended as did his son Adam ('96). Simon's nephews, Sam ('OD) and Tom ('01) Chadwick, are also recent graduates. Simon represented Rostrevor in the 1st XI in 1975 (an outstanding fieldsman and opening bat), the 1st XVIII (a breathtaking mark and an almost unbelievable kick for goal (Br Moylan never exaggerates! Ed.) in 1974-5.

As a student, Simon developed an interest in horses through his father's interest in racing and the leasing of prominent thoroughbred and winner, High Gypsy, in the early 1970s. From that background Simon went on to develop a career as a bloodstock consultant and auctioneer which has spanned three decades. In his early years he worked for David Coles. He married Carleen in 1979 and they have two children (Adam now 21 and Sarah 20). In 1980 they travelled to Europe where he spent five months with Newmarket based Tattersalls. On his return to Adelaide he worked for ABCOS before accepting a job as manager in Perth with Goodwood Bloodstock Agency. In that time, he established Simon Vivian Bloodstock.

In 1996 he moved to Queensland with the Queensland Bloodstock Breeders Sales. In 1999 he shifted back to Melbourne lo concentrate on Simon Vivian Bloodstock. From there he was approached, and Simon now works as the Victorian representative for Magic Millions.

Simon was auctioneer at the 2002 Adelaide Magic Millions Yearling Sale. With over 20 years as a bloodstock auctioneer there is a welter of special stories. One that bears retelling here is Simon's experience at the 2000 New Zealand National Yearling Sale.

In auctioneering horses, an auctioneer sells twenty lots and then another auctioneer does the next twenty and so on. By chance, Simon was to auction the two colts most likely to "top" the sale. The first of these was Lot 220, a Nureyev colt now racing as Pure Theatre. He was knocked down for $NZ850,000. A few hours later, the other colt, Lot 341, entered the sales ring. There was much expectation that he could make over $1 million. The bidding started at $NZ800,000 and then immediately went to $NZ1m. before climbing in either $100,000 or $50,000 jumps up to the final bid of $3,600,000. For the bulk of the 5 minutes 45 seconds the colt was in the ring all action focused on the 2 bidders... one on the phone to Dubai, the other on the phone to the Philippines. The successful purchases was Mr. Eduardo Cojuanco, and he named his colt Don Eduardo. The satisfying thing for Simon was to see Don Eduardo race and win the Australian Derby in Sydney during the Autumn, and there are more expectations of the horse in the future... possibly a Melbourne Cup.

From the 1966 Annual Fourth Grade.
Back Row: J. McBride. R. Arens, O. Ancans. J. Covino. L. Peters, G. Gibbs, M. Savage. J. Coligan. Second Row: A. Navakas, M. Jenkins, G. Clota. P. Cooling, S. Vivia n . P Ory, M. Theijssen, B. Dundon, P Dunn.
Third Row: M. Shillingford, J. Aldennan. L. Stephan, M. Kennedy, M. Bone, F. McDonald. B. D'Andrea. c. Klemm, B. Grimmett, A. Hoobin.
Fourth Row: P. Arnfield, A. Evans, A. Steele, P. Sh eehan, P. Cox, 0. Weinert, S. Manual, M. McKay, R. Covino.
Front Row: G. de Kam, P. Cotton, W. Harvey, M. Garo/an, B. Zientara, G. Rogers, F. McCabe, P. Harocy

Simon has kept close contact With Rostrevor when his employment has allowed it.

He was President of the ROCA 1995 and he played football with ROCFC. When living in Queensland he organised a Rostrevor re-union which was well supported. Some of those present at the re-union were: Bruce Johnston ('52), Creagh O'Connor Jnr ('77), John Rundle ('48), Angus Johnson (' 77), Carmine De Corso ('71), John Doran ('55), Justin Ferravant 9'88), Greg Johnston ('47), David Kelly ('75) and Brian Phelps ('84).

Over the years Simon has found it difficult to keep in touch with old scholars on a regular basis because of the amount of travel in his life. However, two well-known Rostrevor names spring to mind because of intermittent.

Philip Amfield ('75) is his accountant and Michael Murphy ('62) is always there to help him invest money through Murphy Financial Services!

From the 1975 Annual 1st XI.
Back Row: S. Vivian, K. McManus, L. Peters.
Second Row: P. O'Malley, J. Shadiac, P. Davis, M. Sandery.
Front Row: F. Sergi, B. Kenny, H. Young, P. Amfield, S. Anderson, P. Lisacek, D. Arnfield.

When asked of any amusing anecdotes of his years at Rostrevor the ones that ·were at the forefront of his memory here situations to do with being caught smoking by Tom Kendell, Daryl Hicks, Br John Webb and a number of her teachers.

Once, on getting caught by Tom Kendell, the group was required to clear artichokes from an area behind the pool. Every recess and lunch time for what seemed like years, the team of smokers gained invaluable experience on the hoe. Getting caught behind the handball courts, on camps and  retreats or in, told scoreboard between the Main and Big Mem Ovals was also a regular occurrence.

Simon has admiration  for  the  work of the Christian Brothers at Rostrevor in particular the Brothers associated with the sports programs of the College: Br John Moylan, Noel Guerin, Danny McMahon and Br 'Tex' Cleary.

He hastened to add, as a humorous aside, that perhaps he did  not get  on so well with those  Brothers  striving for him to achieve academic excellence reflecting that they obviously didn't embrace the "challenge".

It is always good to report back to old scholars the achievements of our peers and fellow Rostrevorians. That is what makes our community strong. Simon's contribution to Rostrevor as an old scholar has been outstanding and  the Old Collegians' Association congratulate him and his family on his personal achievements in the Horseracing Industry - an industry that many an old scholar has professed to be an authority on - but few have made a livelihood from it!


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