Term 1, Week 11, Newsletter - Thurs 12 April 2018

Written on the 12 April 2018

Luke Valente - Head Prefect

Dear College Community,

The Prefects have enjoyed an exciting start to the year which has involved supporting our Prefect charity, Eddie Rice Camps. On Shrove Tuesday we sold pancakes in the Valley to celebrate the beginning of Lent and raised $309 for Edmund Rice Camps. Students also made a gold coin donation on our House Colours Day for Project Compassion.

The Prefects worked in conjunction with the Indian Pilgrimage team to ensure a successful night at the first Red & Black Social for the year. Plenty of tickets were sold and from all reports it was a very enjoyable night for those who attended. I would like to thank everyone involved for supporting the Pilgrims in preparation for their journey at the end of the year.

Additionally, on Harmony Day we participated in a netball match against the Loreto Prefects on their home turf. The match aided our sister school in doing their part to raise money towards Project Compassion.

In the weeks to come we aim to integrate the EREA Touchstones further into our community through Prefect Chapel presentations which will assist our peers in gaining a deeper understanding of how we aim to recognise Rostrevor in every boy.

On another note, we are also aiming to reinvigorate the sense of School Spirit in 2018; it was fantastic to see so many boys supporting the Red & Black and our First XI Cricket team in the second day of Intercol against Sacred Heart. We hope to continue to foster this sense of pride within the school as the winter co-curricular season approaches.

In closing, the Prefect group is most excited to launch some new initiatives and ideas such as the Futsal and Debating Tournaments which are fast approaching in Term Two. The year has started with much promise, and we are enthusiastic about what is to come in 2018.

Thank you.

Deputy Head Prefect - Cyril Saji

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"- Mahatma Gandhi

The beginning of the year has been an incredible catalyst for raising awareness of various causes, setting a solid foundation for the work of both the Prefect Group and the wider Rostrevor community. It has been wonderful and inspiring to see the active involvement of our student cohort throughout this first term, living their lives through the lens of one of our Touchstones, Gospel Spirituality. This was exemplified most recently through the World's Greatest Shave initiative fronted by Year 11 student, Christian Leddicoat and supported by the First XI Cricket squad, staff and students. The students have taken the initiative to step up and speak up regarding these issues.

As well as this, numerous other initiatives have been undertaken such as the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, Close the Gap, Harmony Day (with special mention to the Prefect Group for donning dresses and raising money through the charity netball match at Loreto College) and a charity pancake stall for Eddie Rice Camps.

Especially through the Lenten period, students have been urged to focus not on superficial sacrifices, but on actions we can take to shape the world around us in a positive way. In the "Year of Recognition" we aim to not only recognise the talented athletes, musicians and academics within our school community but also those taking themselves out of their comfort zones and showing dedication towards the less fortunate.

I hope the Easter break was a wonderful time for family and for reflection, and that the coming holidays allows us to rejuvenate and invigorate ourselves for an exciting and inspiring Term Two.


Max McKay - Head Boarder

As Term One draws to a close in Duggan House, boys get to venture back home to locations from Oakbank to Tiwi Islands and as far as Thailand. We have boys from a range of different cultures and backgrounds who gather in Duggan every night during the school term.

Term One was eventful in the Boarding House with new boys entering from Year 7 to Year 11. Our first weekend is known as Welcome Weekend and this is where we take a break from our normal social calendar and spend time together, getting to know each other better and forging friendships with new boarders. We spent the weekend at Glenelg, where we enjoyed the beach and entertainment and participated in a range of 'getting to know you' activities.

At the beginning of Term One the boarders hosted a 'Bush BBQ' in the Valley which involved the whole school. Day boys had the opportunity to get to know a little more about life in the Boarding House and where boys come from. Over the next few terms we are planning activities with our sister school, Loreto, which all the boys are looking forward to.

I would like to wish all members in Duggan House a happy holiday as they return home to family and friends.




Andre Lewinski - Internal Services

The 2018 Rostrevor College Prefect body has delved into a very exciting and prosperous 2018.

Aside from generating ideas which the Prefect body can utilise to enrich the experience of each student at the College, we have also been undertaking some daily tasks to support the staff and students.

The Prefects are rostered with teachers to assist with supervision of the Canteen at lunch time and at the Glen Stuart Road crossing after school. 

Prefects are also rostered on Monday Thursday to assist in our Smart Work Sessions in the Equity Hub. Here, we assist our Education Support Staff by helping students from Years 7-12 with their homework, revision or assignment work. These are great opportunities for us to work with staff and get to know and assist a range of students.

We look forward to continuing to support teachers in some of their yard duty roles and the student body through our work in the Smart Work Sessions.



Patrick Moller - Social Justice

As Term One comes to a close, so does the work of the Social Justice team. Harmony Day was the focus for the group this term and we were able to get together with the whole school community on Friday 23 March to create videos to raise much needed awareness about Harmony Day and National Action Day Against Bullying.

Additionally, for Harmony Day the Prefects ventured down to Loreto College to compete in a fun exhibition netball match against the Loreto Prefects. It was a gold coin entry to view the spectacle and all funds raised went to Caritas Australia to raise much needed funds for Project Compassion. The game was played in good spirit but as fate had it, Rostrevor were able to emerge victorious.

Furthermore, in keeping with the theme of making videos, the Social Justice team has been working tirelessly to create a fun, interactive clip that emphasises the point that Australia is a multicultural society, and that it is important to embrace this. The video will premiere early next term.

The Social Justice team will be continuing their great work next term, as we hope to raise much needed awareness on many important social issues.


Anthony Calabrese - Community Activities

On Saturday 24 March, Mr Schumacher hosted the 2018 Principal's Ball. This event was held at the Adelaide Town Hall, where the Year 12 students and their dates, along with some members of staff, gathered for this special occasion. Our Master of Ceremonies, Mr Glenn Urbani, kept us entertained and in line throughout the night.

This was an excellent opportunity for the Year 12 students and teachers to let their hair down and have an enjoyable time. This was especially the case for Mr Daniel Ryall and Mr Richard Sachse who put us all to shame with their moves on the dance floor.
The photo booth was a massive hit, providing us with an opportunity to take away a token memory of a terrific night.

A big thank-you to Jacob Kennerley, Riley Slack and Angus Honner for their efforts in preparing the video.

I am sure that the evening will be a highlight of the year for many and will be cherished by all those who attended. A big thank you to the Development Team as the night would not have been possible without their planning and effort.


George Connolly - House Captain Barron

With the introduction of a new Barron Head of House in 2018 while Mr Lucas is on leave, Mr Footner is clearly keen to leave his mark. His debut with Barron House kicked off with the Swimming Carnival. I have been told that there were many sleepless nights as the Carnival approached which culminated in a dream which Mr Footner had the night prior to the carnival, a dream that became reality with Barron finally winning the Spirit Cup. On top of this momentous achievement, Barron managed to overcome all odds and finish second overall (technically third due to an equal first placing with two Houses but let's not get carried away with technicalities).

I congratulate Barron House students on their tremendous efforts to attempt to fill every event, which would not have been achieved without the help of both staff and students alike.

My sincere congratulations go to the Vice Captains selected for 2018; I look forward to watching them develop their leadership skills and abilities to shape Barron House for the future.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday period. It will be a well-earned break after a jam-packed Term One and we look forward to the terms ahead to continue to be memorable, especially for the Year 12 cohort.


Riley Slack - House Captain Egan

Egan House has had a busy, yet immensely successful start to 2018. The boys continue to strive to give their best and participate in all House activities. An admirable performance by all Egan boys at this year's Swimming Carnival resulted in a highly controversial result of a draw between Egan and Gurr; nevertheless, a third straight victory in the pool for Egan House.

We have continued our highly successful charitable work, not only through aiding the Caritas 'Project Compassion' initiative, but also through continuing the popular Friday morning BBQ. Another popular initiative which will continue through this year's AFL season is the whole House footy tipping competition, with all boys being encouraged to get involved, with a prize on offer at the end of the season for the winners!

As for the remainder of the year, a big focus will be on our academic results, hoping to achieve our best so that we are awarded the House Academic Shield. Additionally, we are determined to retain the Athletics Carnival Shield for a consecutive sixth year in a row, a feat never achieved in the
College's history. We also look forward to the highly anticipated inter-House debating competition to take place early next term.

Lastly, I extend congratulations to the newly elected 2018 Egan House Vice-Captains who I look forward to working with for the remainder of the year.

Jacob Kennerley - House Captain Gurr

Term One has been a very busy and successful term for Gurr House. The build-up to the Swimming Carnival was filled with anticipation. The day was a great success for the House, coming away with the Senior Years Shield and tying for first place overall with our rival House, Egan. Perhaps what was most pleasing about the day was the House spirit shown by the boys in orange who belted out chants and waved flags at the top of the stand the entire day. A big thank you goes out to the PE faculty and all those who contributed to another enjoyable and competitive Swimming Carnival.

The House contributed well during the time of Lent, donating valuable funds to Project Compassion. The House came together and successfully completed a number of vines (7 second videos) raising awareness and money for Harmony Day, Bullying No Way and Close the Gap Day.

As the year unfolds, our House members are looking forward to making valuable contributions to the Rostrevor community through Marian Day, Blue Week, Athletics Day and Edmund Rice Day just to name a few.

Joshua Shute - House Captain Murphy

Murphy House has had a busy start to the 2018 school year, with each boy striving for their personal best. A hard-fought Swimming Carnival saw us take an early lead before sliding down a couple of places! Nevertheless, every student gave their best and that's all that I could ask for. Sincere thanks to all the boys in Murphy for going above and beyond to ensure that all events were filled.  

Murphy House was also involved in raising money for Project Compassion, where each Pastoral Care group is allocated a Project Compassion collection box for coin donations. The Project Compassion boxes from all Pastoral Care groups were then combined as a House contribution and were presented to Mr Sachse at our Easter Liturgy celebration. Thanks to all the boys for their generous donations.

I would also like to thank the boys who nominated for House Vice-Captain roles and extend my congratulations to those who were successful. I look forward to working closely with all the Vice-Captains to support future Murphy House initiatives and events.

Finally, I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday with their families, ready to recommence Term Two full of enthusiasm!

Patrick Russo - House Captain O'Brien

The mighty O'Brien House has started 2018 with strength. From welcoming new students and staff, O'Brien House has shown enthusiasm along with a growing sense of unity.

Unfortunately, we were unable to go back to back this year for the elusive 'Spirit Award' at the Swimming Carnival. Nevertheless, it was undeniable that many from the House, both figuratively and literally, stood up on the day to demonstrate true House pride. Most pleasing was the enthusiasm and confidence of some younger O'Brien Lions, who were prepared to engage others with cheering our swimmers. It is safe to say that there are very exciting and promising times ahead for O'Brien House.

As arguably one of the smaller Houses at Rostrevor, O'Brien House has incorporated the notion of quality over quantity, encompassing what it means to be a Rostrevor man in all aspects. The House has established a solid foundation that we can only build upon for the remainder of 2018. We look forward with anticipation to what 2018 has in store for O'Brien House.

Angus Honner - House Captain Webb

Webb House has had a positive start to the year. The Swimming Carnival was thoroughly enjoyed by all members of the House, no matter the result. It was pleasing to see that all events were filled and everyone having a go, aiming for their personal best. In addition, it was great to see many boys just enjoying the day and cheering on fellow House members.

The beginning of the AFL season has sparked the introduction of the Webb House Fantasy League and Footy Tips; this is a great chance to build a competition in the House and have a bit of fun.

During Week 8 all members of the House, including Junior Years students, grouped together to create a video promoting Harmony Day, Bullying No Way Day and Close the Gap. This was a great opportunity for all members to work collaboratively.

Students in Webb House are now looking forward to events such as the Walkathon, Athletics Carnival, Edmund Rice Day and the annual "Walk a Mile in my Boots" held by the Hutt Street Centre, our House Charity.

It has been an exciting start to the year and we are all looking forward to the terms ahead.


Ignatius Crafter / Henry Knight - Junior Years Captains

2017 Year 6 Canberra Tour Report

Term One has been very busy in the Junior Campus. There have been many exciting and interesting things happening so far this year. We began with the Year 5 Aldinga Camp. While the Year 5 students were enjoying the surf and sand, the Student Leadership Team had an induction session with Mr Aufderheide. We brainstormed ideas of what our goals are and what we want to do this year as a team. We spoke about putting our best foot forward and letting the light shine for everyone to see. We discussed our important roles as Student Leaders and our responsibilities in working together with our classmates.

Another highlight of Term One was our Swimming Carnival. It was another opportunity for our Houses to come together and celebrate a day of sportsmanship and fun. Gurr were the winners of day however all boys gave it their all to do their personal best for their team. We would like to thank Mr Baccanello for organising and running the day and all the parents who came along to support us. While on the sports front, we have many summer co-curricular teams representing the College and there have been SAPSASA and Catholic School competitions in swimming and cricket where the boys have done incredibly well. This week we finish off our term with our annual inter-House European Handball tournament. The House Captains have planned and umpired matches for Reception to Year 6 boys at recess and lunch.

Classes have elected SRC representatives and we meet as a committee to discuss the issues that arise from class meetings. At the moment, some of the issues we are discussing include moving our big sandpit and finding a replacement for the flying fox. It is great to hear all the ideas that boys are coming up with!

Harmony Day was another event we celebrated this term. After the Assembly in the Valley, we joined our House groups with the senior boys and worked together to make short videos or 'vines' about Harmony Day, Bullying No Way and Close the Gap. We had a great time making these, and hopefully they sent a message to everyone who has seen them.

As you can see, these are just a few of the things that have been happening in this jam-packed term! We know that this year will give us so many more opportunities to have fun, enjoy ourselves and even learn something along the way!





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