Term 1, Week 9, Newsletter - Thurs 28 June 2018

Written on the 28 June 2018 by Rostrevor College

Luke Valente - Head Prefect

Dear College Community,

I would like to share with you my speech at a Principal's Assembly earlier this term about School Spirit.


"Principal, Mr Schumacher, staff and fellow students, this morning I would like to address something that the Prefects of 2018 deem to be of great significance at our College, that is, School Spirit, or more importantly Rossi Spirit. It is a tradition that goes back many years. It is something we are all made aware of when welcomed into the community. The spirit comes in many different forms. In the classroom, in the recording studio, or up at the Agricultural Farm. I'm sure lots of Rostrevor boys can remember a particular moment or day when they really began to understand the phrase Rossi spirit and what it means to them.

I am thrilled to say that Rossi Spirit is well and truly alive and flourishing within our College. The revival of the Red and Black Army, thanks to Blake Wood, Joel Size, Joshua Piantadosi, the Prefect group and many others, has been evident through the masses of supporters at First XI, First XVIII and Primary A soccer and footy matches in recent time. It is great to see so many of us come together, cheering and chanting in uniform with our scarves, supporting our peers.

The First XVIII football team have beaten Sacred Heart in Round 1, after a drought lasting 7 long years, only adding to the highly anticipated rematch at our home Intercol in Term 3. And on that exact same weekend, 70 of our staff and students proudly represented the College at Generations in Jazz in Mount Gambier, with some truly outstanding results.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has contributed within our community so far this year. After all, 2018 is about recognising every boy at Rostrevor as well as the Rostrevor in every boy. Exciting things are happening here at the College and I urge everyone to get on board and be a part of it."

Deputy Head Prefect - Cyril Saji

"Strive for continuous improvement not perfection"

As we make our way into the latter portion of the year, workloads, pressure and, for Year 12s, the uncertainty of the future, is certainly building up. With so many activities going on within the school community, it's often very easy to be caught in the stress and confusion of looking ahead at what's to come. However, as the term comes to a close, it's important to recognise the journey and achievements so far.

Term 2 has been incredibly eventful to say the least. It signified the official celebration of our College's 95 years of service to the community with a whole school photo, House activities and the 95th Year Cocktail Function which proved to be a grand success. Furthermore, our school celebrated Eddie Rice Day with each Pastoral Care group assigned to running a stall - cakes, freshly made burgers, jumping castles and sporting activities proved to be popular amongst students. Mabo Day was recognised within the school community with a hotly contested footy match between our senior students, as well as a bush tucker barbeque by our Indigenous students.

Within the Prefect group, a great emphasis has been placed upon engaging with our school community in a more active manner. As such, the revival of our Rostrevor Support Group, "The Red and Black Army" lead by numerous senior students has called for new chants, banners and heightened interest regarding our school's sporting achievements. Furthermore, the Prefect Group has continued our Wednesday morning pancake stall, raising substantial amounts of money for the Prefect charity, Eddie Rice Camps. A special initiative taken on by three of our Prefects - Patrick Moller, Patrick Russo and George Connolly is the Ration Challenge. You can read about this in Patrick Moller's article.

As students hand in their last pieces of work, complete exams and look forward to the holidays, I urge everyone to take some time to stop, reflect and recognise both the positive and negative experiences of Term 2.  Term 3 looks to be an exciting time for the community and I look forward to all that is to come!


Max McKay - Head Boarder

As Term 2 comes to a close in Duggan House, I would like to wish all members a safe journey home.

Late last term, the leadership teams from both Rostrevor Boarding and sister school Loreto Boarding were involved in a meeting to plan combined activities throughout the year. One idea, which has come to fruition, was to Invite Loreto boarders to our High Teas.

On May 28, Loreto boarders joined us for our Reconciliation High Tea held in the Pavilion. Our guest speaker was Bill Wilson, the second ever  qualified Indigenous teacher in Australia. Bill stressed the importance of dedication to our work and all the opportunities that we have here at Rostrevor. Bill also talked about his struggles and being homesick when he too moved away from home for education and while this was difficult, the opportunities outweighed the struggles. Each year at the dinner there is an award for a Non-indigenous boarder who displays care for the Indigenous boys within Duggan House and this year, the reconciliation award was presented to Ben Homman. Congratulations Ben. This was a great night for all who attended and in particular, the Loreto girls who were great company.

Duggan House has been busy with the commencement of all winter co-curricular activities where most boys in Duggan House represent the College in a range of sporting and non-sporting activities. Well done to our First XVlll team who have achieved great results so far with 6 wins and only 1 loss. The effort that has been put in each week by all boys playing sport for the College is outstanding. I would also like to congratulate Jacob Kennerley (Cummins), Ben Jarvis (Port Lincoln), and Cameron Taheny (Cleve) on being selected to represent South Australia in the national under 18 Championships. Cameron will also represent the state in the under 17s side. Furthermore, I would like congratulate Beau Palmer-O'Connell, Jeffery Simon and Leonard Ferreira on representing their state playing for Norther Territory Thunder. Well done boys.




Andre Lewinski - Internal Services

Term 2 of the academic year has been a productive one for the Prefect group, embarking on a joint initiative with the Junior Years. Each prefect has had the opportunity this term to work with a junior years buddy class once a week, by helping students with their daily class work, and assisting the teachers with the structure of their lessons. Prefects have found this experience to be exceptionally rewarding. Working with the youngest members of our community has offered us an amazing opportunity to connect with students we wouldn't normally interact with and to be role models for them so that they can hopefully aspire to leadership positions in the Junior, Middle or Senior Years.

We continue our daily supervision routines of the after-school Glen Stuart Road crossing and assisting students who attend our SmartWork sessions on Mondays to Thursdays from 3.15pm to 4.30pm. This term we have sought the assistance of some of our Year 11 Vice Captains to help teachers with the supervision of the canteen a very popular spot at Recess and the beginning of Lunch. This will provide Vice Captains with some experience of the duties expected of Prefects.

The Prefect body will continue with these initiatives for the rest of the year due to the success experienced within the first two terms.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish the Rostrevor Community a safe and relaxing holiday break.


Patrick Moller - Social Justice

"When adversity strikes, that's when you have to be the calmest. Take a step back, stay strong, stay grounded and press on."

As the mayhem of the Term 2 exams and assessment season comes to an imminent close, so does a busy term for the Social Justice group. Throughout this term we have been striving to raise awareness for a number of key issues in society.

Term 2 saw the third instalment of the Mabo Day Football match, in support of National Reconciliation Week. The game was played to celebrate and acknowledge all that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communties contribute to Australia. It was also a chance to reflect on Eddie Mabo, and his fight to overturn the legal fiction know as Terra Nullius, land belonging to no-one. The game was played out in good spirits between the Lingari Lizards, named after famous Aboriginal rights activist Vincent Lingari, and the Gurrumul Goannas, named after Indigenous Australian musician Geoffrey Gurrumul. The Goannas got the victory for the first time, running away with it by 28 points.

Furthermore, as part of Refugee Week, myself along with other avid members of the Social Justice Group Patrick Russo and George Connolly are undertaking the Act for Peace Ration Challenge. The challenge involves eating the same rations as a Syrian refugee would receive in a week. Currently we have raised over $1,000, and to further this awareness of the conditions some people live in, a display has been set up at the bottom of the Valley, highlighting to all students the daily rations a refugee receives. If you would like to donate to the cause and show refugees they are not alone, donate here: https://my.rationchallenge.org.au/rossiboys

Finally, I encourage anyone and everyone to try something new and come out to the Social Justice Group in term 3. Who knows, you might change someone's life.  


Anthony Calabrese - Community Activities

Throughout Term 2, one of the major talking points among the Year 12 cohort was the topic of Memorabilia. As a Prefect body, this has been one of our major items for discussion at our weekly meetings. Mid-Term 1 we launched a survey among the Year 12 cohort which included a range of memorabilia items and asked students to select their preferred items. This helped the Prefect body to decide on the final five items which we would make available for purchase. As Prefect Community Activities, my role was to oversee the process of determining which items would be made available as well as their design. The Development team created some design concepts for each product which were tabled at our Prefect meetings to decide on the final designs.

At a year level meeting for Year 12 students, I gave a brief presentation on the process which would be undertaken for ordering and purchasing Memorabilia items. I was able to show pictures of the five items available. At the meeting, Mr Pezos clarified the rules for wearing memorabilia apparel during the school day during Term 4.


George Connolly - House Captain Barron

With the Term 2 holidays rapidly approaching, I reflect on the first half of this year which has seen great successes in Barron House. I would like to extend my gratitude to all students who have conducted themselves, throughout this first half of the year, in a manner that reflects the Rostrevor mantra of "Man for Others".

I would like to especially acknowledge our Barron House Vice-Captains for all of their hard work and commitment to the 'gold', ensuring our House is at its best as well as being extremely reliable and forthcoming with ideas that can be put toward future House gatherings.

With this year's theme being 'Recognition - Seeing Rostrevor in every boy and every boy in Rostrevor', it was fitting to see 3 boys undertake the Ration Challenge, which required them to live off of the same rations as a Syrian refugee in a detention camp in Jordan for a week. With the support of the respective Houses and the Rostrevor Community, the boys managed to raise over $1,000.

In Term 3, as a House we look forward to continuing to grow as a community and strive to follow our outstanding results of the Swimming Carnival in the rapidly approaching Athletics Carnival.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone safe and happy holidays and come back refreshed and revitalised for the final half of the year, especially those in Year 12 with a very busy Term 3 to come.


Riley Slack - House Captain Egan

Term 2 has been another successful one for Egan House. Individual academic results of students continuing to improve, and House fundraising is well and truly excelling. Whilst as a House we are still looking to improve our House GPA (Grade Point Average) for the Academic Shield, students have improved in effort, which is also very important. Mr Trewartha generates an Effort Point Average for the individuals, which is much like the Grade Point Average but calculated using the Effort grades awarded on school reports.

Earlier this term at our Principal's Assembly, quite a number of Egan students were presented with the Palma Merenti award (GPA above 90). Principal's Awards (GPA between 85 and 89.9) as well as Christian Brother Awards (based on Effort grades) were presented at a House gathering earlier this term. Congratulations to all award recipients from Egan House.

Additionally, Term 2 has seen individual students thrive in their co-curricular pursuits, with Ben Jarvis and Cameron Taheny being selected in the state U18 Football squad; Jamie Signorello representing the Australian U16 side overseas in Soccer; Tom Michalanney representing SASI in Road and Track Cycling.

Winter co-curricular has kicked off successfully with all Rossi boys exhibiting their pride for the College by donning the Red and Black, as we eagerly await the Intercollegiate fixture against Sacred Heart, to take place in Week 2, Term 3.

As a House we look forward to a busy Term 3 as we prepare for the Winter Sleep-Out initiative and the continuation of Egan House's major fundraiser the weekly Friday morning BBQ, which has become more and more popular as the temperature falls! Thank you to all who have and continue to support this initiative.


Jacob Kennerley - House Captain Gurr

It has been an eventful Term 2 for Gurr House. With winter now upon us, we continue to support the Magdalene Homeless Shelter on Moore St, Adelaide by donating our warm rugs, jumpers, beanies etc. Again, Pastoral Care teacher Tony Purvis has been exceptional in his advocacy for the Moore Street Centre and has been willing enough to take our donations into the shelter each week. This year Adelaide has experienced freezing temperatures and it is bound to get worse. Consequently, it is extra important that we continue to support the homeless well into Term 3. I encourage any students and/or families with unwanted warm clothing and blankets in good condition to deliver them in to Rice Building Room 13 (Mr Vickery's room) at any time throughout next term. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact either Mr Vickery at mvickery@rostrevor.sa.edu.au or myself at kennej1@students.rostrevor.sa.edu.au.

Not only will we be looking to continue our donations to the Moore St Centre in Term 3, but we will be looking forward to Athletics Day where we are confident that Gurr House can continue its success at the Swimming Carnival in both competing and supporting from the stands.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday as we gear up for another exciting and busy term ahead.


Joshua Shute - House Captain Murphy

Throughout Term Two Murphy House has been working hard in many areas. A busy term for most, individual pursuits have been at the forefront of the term. Many of the hard-working boys of Murphy House have had their hard work recognised with Principal's Awards, Christian Brother Awards, as well as Palma Merenti Awards. Congratulations to all award recipients for their achievements.

Murphy House students have also experienced success in the Co-Curricular aspect of life at the College. Christian Wills made the State Representative Team for Rugby Union, Elliot Murada competed in the National Triathlon finishing 9th overall and 1st for SA and Hamish Shute has been selected in the Under 16 Australian Water Polo squad. On behalf of Murphy House, sincere congratulations to all students who have been involved not only at the elite level, but in representing the Red and Black.

Lastly, I would like to wish all Murphy House Year 12 students all the best for their upcoming exams. I also hope everyone has a fun, relaxing break ready for the back half of the year.


Patrick Russo - House Captain O'Brien

Throughout Term 2, members of O'Brien House have applied themselves with many sporting and academic accomplishments. Following Term 1, our House is in the lead for the illustrious 'Academic Shield', having achieved a House GPA (Grade Point Average) of 74.73%. Well done to all students in O'Brien House as all of their efforts during Term 1 have contributed to our current ranking. The House is on track this term with much passion, determination and drive to continue to excel.

As exams approach for our senior years students, it is evident that the solid foundation that was laid in the first term has been built upon and this will allow O'Brien Lions to tackle all challenges that come their way. In this the Year of Recognition, we recognise Rostrevor in everyone and through hard work and determination we aspire to our school motto, 'Palma Merenti' (the reward to the one who has earned it). This represents the feelings among students of the O'Brien House.

To all students, enjoy the well-deserved break and I look forward to seeing what the second half of the year brings.


Angus Honner - House Captain Webb

Term 2 in Webb House has been a 'jam-packed' with so many activities and events. After Term 1 results, Webb House is ranked third for the Academic Shield. This is a fantastic effort, however, there is room for improvement for all members of Webb House. The latter part of the term has been hectic for all but particularly for our Year 10 and 11 students who undertook their Semester 1 Exams. During Extended Pastoral Care lessons this term we were given the opportunity to have some fun and compete against Murphy House in many sporting activities including basketball and soccer.

We are all looking forward to Term 3 now where many significant events lie ahead including Marian Day which is followed by our whole school walkathon. Members of Webb House will also take part in the Hutt Street Centre's 'Walk a Mile in My Boots'. This event is an ongoing tradition in Webb House and has been appreciated by all who have participated in the past. I would like to encourage everyone to attend this year as it is an excellent opportunity for students to raise awareness for homelessness in Adelaide.

In closing I would like to take this opportunity to thank each member of Webb House for his efforts so far this year. Additionally, I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday break.



Ignatius Crafter / Henry Knight - Junior Years Captains

Term Two has been very busy in the Junior Campus. We began with an ANZAC Day ceremony to remember those brave men and women who fought for us. In Week 2, we started a new Buddy program in house groups that all the boys from Reception to Year 6 participate in. In each session we have been playing team building games. It has been a great opportunity to engage with some of our younger house members and make some new friendships.

Mother's Day is an important date in the Junior Campus calendar because it celebrates our hard-working Mums! We had a liturgy, a morning tea and a Mother's Day stall where we were able to purchase presents for our mums.  In the same week, we also had Edmund Rice Day. During Unfair Day boys were able to buy lunch and go on the bouncing castle, play bubble soccer and play with their mates. Of course, all of the younger boys enjoyed a huge sugar fix for the afternoon!

The Junior Campus leaders had the opportunity to participate in a Leaders' Day held in Callan Hall in Week 4. We hosted leaders from other schools and played many different games and team building exercises.  While we were in the hall, our fellow classmates went to RAA Street Smart sessions. They learnt about road safety and reaction times through fun activities and videos.

Another highlight of Term Two was our Cross Country Carnival. It was another opportunity for our houses to come together and run in some muddy conditions. Barron were the winners of day, however all boys gave it their all to do their personal best for their team. In particular, there were two examples of great sportsmanship when Joe and Oscar helped students who were injured during the race. We would like to thank Mr Baccanello for organising and running the day and for the parents who came along to support us. Also on the sports front, we have many Winter Co-Curricular teams representing the College and there have been SAPSASA and Catholic School competitions in soccer, football and athletics where the boys have done incredibly well. This week we finish off our term with our annual Soccer World Cup tournament.


Senior Years Co-Curricular News

Mr Jeff Fischer
Head of Co-Curricular Activities

This week not only brings an end to the Term 2 co-curricular fixtures but it also brings me to the end of my Rostrevor journey as the Head of Co-curricular. I would like to thank the many lovely families I have got to know, as well as the many staff, students and work colleagues I have encountered over the last 10 years for their support. I would like to acknowledge the outstanding work of staff, Old Collegians, pre-service teachers and parents who have coached sporting teams and umpired games throughout my time as, without the work they do, our programs would be a shambles. I would also like to thank the ground staff for the brilliant job they do ensuring the playing fields are pristine.

I started this job as a passionate physical education teacher who was excited about the opportunity to put my time and effort into helping boys to enjoy physical activity through sporting competitions that would truly nurture their talent and provide them with a life-long love of sport. I leave this job with the knowledge that there are many boys still wearing the red and black for Old Collegian cricket, soccer and football teams, and I have encountered just as many in their old Rossi basketball uniforms at MARS playing in social competitions with their school mates.

Many people believe sport builds character and there is no question that the ideals of making a commitment to a team helps build resilience, as nobody truly enjoys training or playing in the cold wet of winter or the scorching sun of summer. The social skills acquired from learning to be a positive member of a team also cannot be underestimated and developing a positive attitude to physical fitness that lasts beyond schooling is also beneficial. However, I leave this job believing that, more than anything, sport reveals character as it puts young men in situations they may not encounter often in everyday life and the decisions made under pressure reveal a lot about a person. As adults working with young men in these situations we are often gifted with opportunities to shape their behaviour and provide guidance when a poor choice is made. I equally applaud those young men who reveal compassion, dignity and respect for team-mates, opposition and those who give their time to ensure they simply have fun. I encourage all Rostrevor boys to continue to embrace the opportunities presented through the Rostrevor College co-curricular program as I know the memories made from time spent on the sporting field will be shared for years to come long after the siren has blown.

1st XVIII Match Report

 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr3rd Qtr 4th QtrFinal Score
Rostrevor 6.2 10.14 17.14 21.17 21.17 - 143
Westminster 2.1 2.1 5.1 6.2 6.2 - 38


Best Players: Wyatt Fraser, Josh Shute, James Warton, Xavier Tranfa, Tom Tocano
Goal Kickers: Stefan Lanzoni 4 goals, Anzac Lochowiak and Joel Size 3 goals, Cale Elefsen, Tom Matsis and Cameron Taheny, 2 goals each, Nathan McCarthy, Mackenzie Heath, Xavier Tranfa, Josh Shute, Kynan Kenny and Leonard Ferreira 1 goal

It was a similar tale against Westminster on Saturday as it was against Scotch and Immanuel.
They were very competitive and the win of over 100 points was not a reflection of the contest they gave us; in fact it was more our resolute style that spread the margin. Westminster competed to the end and gave our midfielders some great practise for the next 3 games we play. Our second quarter was outstanding with our defence holding them scoreless and a great spread of contributing players throughout the field.

James Warton was good all game in defence and the backline has formed a nice little team within the team. Wyatt Fraser was extremely strong in ruck and gave our midfielders first look all game.
Josh Shute and Xavier Tranfa kept the drive going all day to give our forwards a lot of opportunities.
Tom Tacono at centre half forward was a big target and the other forwards all had their moments.
The only downside was some lacks in discipline which cost us a few goals. They weren't particularly bad but encroaching the mark zone, not spoiling when required and a couple of poor tackling efforts gave them some chances that may prove costly in the games coming up.

We now break for the holidays and although the boys will keep playing for their respective clubs, it is important we come back in 3 weeks' time with an attitude of intent to finish the season on a good note.
The last month will be a tough but exciting period for all of us which starts with St. Peter's after the break.
Ron Fuller.

Ron Fuller
First XVIII Coach

1st XI Soccer Match Report

Rostrevor 4 def. St Peter's 1

Goal Scorers: Lachlan Barr 2, Cristian Quirino, Nick Maio
Best: Lachlan Barr, Cristian Quirino, Luca Meggetto

The First XI Soccer Team recorded a memorable 4-1 victory over an undefeated and table topping St Peter's on Wednesday night. With a number of key players out, our squad stepped up with a positive attitude and a hunger to win. The side welcomed our third different goalkeeper for the season in Luca Meggetto, who made his 2018 debut with an inspiring performance as a sweeper keeper. A new defensive partnership was formed in front of Luca in the likes of Lachlan Barr and Andre Lewinski, aided by the introduction of Michael Marino in the second half, who all defended admirably and ensured a solid and secure defensive line. Starting positively and putting Saints on the back foot from the get-go saw us enter the 18 yard box and resulted in Tyson Linsenmeier taking a shot that was denied by a double handed save from not the keeper but, one of their defenders.. that's correct. We are still scratching our heads as to why the player was not sent off, but nevertheless Lachy stepped up and slotted the penalty home. Paul Leombruno, Vincent Pennino and Cristian Quirino enjoyed attacking freedom down the flanks, which allowed Cristian to make a darting run and net our second. We went into the break as 2-1 leaders after a wonder strike from Saints late into the half. The boys upped the pressure in the second half, with Daniel Frangakis and Chris Mercorella teeing up Antoni Piscioneri, who used his skills to attack and create another penalty, thanks to another Saints hand ball. Up stepped Nick Maio to calmly convert our third. Lethal combinations between Alessio Melisi, Alessandro Bucco and Luke Frangakis continued to break open their midfield and defensive third, which allowed Barr to make a forward run and net home our fourth. An admirable performance from the side which showed fantastic character, a never give up attitude and represented the red and black proudly. We look to continue our winning ways next Wednesday night against Adelaide High.

Joseph Pipicella
First XI Coach

In other Co-Curricular News:

  •  The year 9 knockout football team enjoyed solid wins in their round robin competition against Modbury High and Golden Grove. The boys played an attacking brand of football that saw them progress to the third round of competition which will be played next term.


If your son, be he a current or past scholar, has made any significant achievement in an activity outside of the College, please pass this on to me via email to jfischer@rostrevor.sa.edu.au or by phone, so that I can include his achievements in the weekly newsletter.


Jeff Fischer
Head of Co-curricular Activities


Week 8 Results



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