Term 2, Week 3, Newsletter - Thurs 18 May 2017

Written on the 18 May 2017 by Rostrevor College


From the Principal

Mr Damian Messer

Mother's Day

Last Sunday was Mother's Day and I hope that all of the mothers in our community were suitably spoilt and had an enjoyable day. On Friday, our JY students held a very moving liturgy, which focused on the importance of what their mothers are able to do for them in their lives. From time to time, it is extremely important for us to remember the enormous sacrifice and commitment our mothers make towards our everyday life. I hope those in your life showed their appreciation on Sunday.

Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews

Over the last few weeks it has been very encouraging to see the engagement and conversations of many of you at our P-S-T interviews. The relationship forged between parents and teachers is a vital part of a student's education development. I encourage all parents to continue to work with us in the education of our boys.


Last week, Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 students undertook the annual NAPLAN tests. These test results add to a range of other academic data that we collect with the aim of gathering a deeper understanding of our boys learning strengths and weaknesses. Results of last week's tests will be finalised and given to you later in the year.

Principal's Assembly

As part of our acknowledgement of our students, at this week's Principal's Assembly, I awarded a number of Principal Awards to boys for their academic performance in Term 1. It was pleasing to see the number of boys who have made a very successful start to their year. We also acknowledged some of our major events: Generations in Jazz, EREA Soccer Tournament participants and Service Learning hours' awards. This again highlighted to me the importance of the boys being involved in the many activities made available to them here at Rostrevor.

Junior Years Enrolments

As part of our annual Enrolment Process, we held another JY Open Morning this week. It was a pleasure to show many of our new expected parents through our facilities. A reminder to all members of our community, that enrolments for 2018 are being finalised and I would encourage all who are interested in applying to do so in the coming weeks.

Elders' Lunch

On Friday 5 May, the College Development Office, in conjunction with the Rostrevor Old Collegians' Association, hosted the annual Old Scholars' lunch. It was pleasing to see around 50 of our 65+ age group gather in the Pavilion to share lunch and many stories of past.

I had the opportunity to speak to them and rest assured, the current students are continuing that age-old tradition of having the red and black running through their veins.

The next Old Collegians' lunch will be held on Friday June 16. More information can be found on the ROCA page of the College website: http://www.rostrevor.sa.edu.au/old-collegians--association.html


Yours in Edmund

Damian Messer, Principal



From Leadership

Mr Frank Ranaldo
Deputy Principal

Uniform and Grooming

At Rostrevor, we pride ourselves on the wonderful relationships we have between families, students and staff.  We are overwhelmingly pleased with the way the majority of our students both present themselves in terms of uniform and grooming and the way they behave.

From time to time, however, there can be some scenarios where young men make decisions that go against the College's standards.  We often explain to students that "Rules Create Freedom" and that just like driving on the road, our uniform and grooming 'rules' allow everyone to be who they truly are 'from the inside' and not to worry about external appearances.

Our expectations are set on what we believe are appropriate standards.  We cannot and will not attempt to keep up with society's ever changing fashions.  When we ask a student to alter a hairstyle or to have a shave, we hope parents appreciate that that is all it is a simple request to abide by our standards.

We thank you in anticipation of your support in this matter.

Term 1 Academic Awards and the Br Godfrey Hall Academic Shield

At our Principal's Assembly on Wednesday morning we acknowledged the academic achievement of individual students as recipients of Palma Merenti Awards and collectively through every student's contribution to points for the House Academic Shield.

Rostrevor College has developed a tradition of striving for excellence and for recognising academic achievement. Our consistently excellent Year 12 results are a testament to this and we look forward to similar results from our current cohort. Recognising academic achievement is an extension of the importance placed on learning, particularly classroom learning, which we, as teachers, consider the fundamental basis of your education at Rostrevor.

We acknowledge that not all students will attain the highest standards and that excellence is measured in different ways for each student. Rather, it is the process, the aspiration, the diligence and improvement, which we also award, which underpins our academic pursuits.

It is important to also acknowledge recipients of the Principal's Awards and Christian Brother Awards for effort; this is undertaken at House Meetings as there are far too many to present at a whole school assembly - a total of 62 Principal's Awards (students with GPAs of 85 to 89.99) and 29 Christian Brother Awards based on A for effort.

The Palma Merenti Award (students who achieve a GPA of >=90) was presented to 33 students based on their Term 1 results. 

Barron House
Stephen Baldwin
Gianni Bergamin
Alex Circelli
Christian Corbo
Anthony Luppino
Domenic Strangio

Egan House
Liam D'Silva
Oliver Piro
Flynn Pisani
Alessio Ruggiero
Cyril Saji

Gurr House
Jonathon Cavuoto
Finn McGuire-Coward
Xavier Montin
Clinton Nitschke
Lawson Nitschke
Ishaan Oak
Owen Selby

O'Brien House
Anthony Furina
Archer Newton
Cameron Tunno

Murphy House
Alexander Gentilcore
Daniel Maida
Christopher Mates
Jake Tatarelli

Webb House
Somil Boora
Alexander Carter
Thomas Hill
Anton Slivak
Luke Thoday
Peter Toscano
Joseph Vorrasi
Christopher Votino

At the Assembly we also presented the Br Godfrey Hall Academic Shield for 2016 to Murphy House. This is awarded to the House with the highest number of points calculated using subject grades for each student over the course of the year. 



Junior Years

Mr Geoff Aufderheide
Director - Junior Campus

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Mother's Day

Last Friday we celebrated, a little early, the joy of Mother's Day. We held our annual Liturgy in the College Chapel where our Year 6 Leadership Team presented their thoughts and reflections on the love we witness often through our Mums. We then celebrated with a small morning tea in the White House Gold Room as our own symbol of thanks and community.

With the assistance of the Parents' and Friends' Association we then hosted a shopping opportunity in our Music Suite after lunch break. Each year we provide the chance for boys to independently purchase a very reasonably priced item so that, on Mother's Day, they can surprise Mum (and perhaps Dad!) with a personally selected gift to say thank you.

We are indebted to an incredibly hard working and loyal group of supporters who take this responsibility on each year so that our boys can have a sense of independence. On behalf of the students and families of the Junior Campus, I offer thanks to the following parents for their assistance and care: Nikki Zorzi, Carla Cerracchio, Eni Marzullo, Megan Furst, Paula Murray, Kate Nybo, Daniella Masullo, Heidi Gadsby and Ina Constantin. Particular thanks go to Kate Nybo for sourcing the prize for our first ever Mother's Day raffle and to Nikki and Carla the veterans of the Mother's Day stall and regular supporters of what we do here. Thank you!

Whilst a bit late I offer a Mother's Day prayer for our important, valued and loving Mums;

O Loving Lord,

You have created mothers in love and blessed them with children.

As they work tirelessly to support their families may they be showered with your blessings.

Give mothers strength to exercise compassion as they live each day under your care.

May those who are joined in your love, support mothers by their fervour of spirit and devotion to prayer.



Winter Sports

All Winter Co-curricular sports kicked off over the last two weekends. It's a time for early morning starts, success/failure and working as a team. The value of sports is significant in the life of all young people. It is at the sports field, the chess table, the debating room or the soccer pitch, that our boys develop a greater understanding of themselves and others where they learn about persistence, perseverance and people.

They learn a lot of this from their peers and, most importantly, us, their parents/caregivers. It is vital that as supporters we model what it is we want to see in our children as they are so often a reflection of ourselves. To that end, we respectfully ask that all supporters who attend our co-curricular games during the week and on weekends, ensure that we model appropriate behaviours to provide a positive learning environment for our boys. If you have concerns about the game, umpiring/refereeing or other supporters, please seek out the advice of the team's coach in the first instance. If you feel there has not been a clear resolution, please contact either Michael Hingston or myself.

God Bless,
Geoff Aufderheide



Senior Years Co-Curricular News

Mr Michael Vickery
Head of Gurr House, Acting Head of Co-Curricular

There were some wonderful individual and team performances this week that provided the full range of results from solid victories to close encounters and disappointing final results. Overall, I want to commend our boys for their competitive spirit and the pride with which they represent the College across all levels.

It is unfortunate that on occasion games are not played in good spirit, and the intensity of competition transgresses into unsportsmanlike behaviour. Last weekend there were four Rostrevor players reported for incidents that, following due process, have resulted in them being suspended from play this weekend. This is unfortunate not only for the players involved, but their teams and the College community. However, it is important that behaviour considered unacceptable in public has no place on the sporting field. Rostrevor aspires to the highest standards and we all have a part to play in establishing and maintaining a positive sporting culture. I will be working with the coaching staff and administrators of our sports program to ensure our students compete in a safe and respectful manner consistent with the College and community values. May I take this opportunity to remind parents and spectators of their obligations in this regard. 

 8 Soccer

Rostrevor 8A's went down to Westminster School in what was a good hit out for the boys. Credit to the players who were 1-3 down at half time and came back to 3-3 before unfortunately conceding a late goal.

The 8B Red and 8B Black soccer teams matched up against one another in what proved to be a very even contest. The game looked lost at the end of the first half, with 8 Reds leading the charge, but the 8 Blacks regrouped at half time and put on a great performance creating a very close and even contest. All players showed great fight, never put their heads down and fought throughout the entire game.

9A Football

The boys put in a terrific effort to come away with a draw against Pembroke. We were down 2 goals with 3 minutes remaining and came home strong to narrowly miss a victory. A couple of easy goals were missed, but a great effort as Pembroke beat us comfortably in the corresponding game last year.

1st XVIII Football

Our 2nd Round game at home against the highly-rated PAC team was going to present a real challenge for us. Despite us having a comfortable win last week, we still appeared to be playing in 2nd gear & would have to greatly improve our intensity if we were going to be up to the level of a strong PAC outfit, widely considered by many as going to be the benchmark for season 2017. In the end, PAC showed that we still have a lot of work ahead of us to get to the level we are trying to achieve, PAC finishing winners by 64 points.

PAC put us on the back foot right from the first bounce. The high-pressure game which we have started to build a reputation for was not to be seen, allowing PAC to be able to move the ball freely from one end to the other under minimal pressure. On many occasions, we gave PAC a free ride by being reactive, second to the ball, and often giving up a free kick.

In the second half, we were a lot more competitive as we started to win more of the ball and started to have our fair share of the play. Our ball movement patterns started to take effect but constant disposal and decision errors within field play resulted in easy turnovers. PAC capitalised on our mistakes, often scoring on the turn-over rebound.

Congratulations to Wyatt Fraser who played his first 1st XVIII game for the College & showed signs of promise with his opportunity in ruck, late in the game.

Steve Symonds
Rostrevor 1st XVIII Head Coach

In other sporting news

Colby Mercer (Yr. 6) played for the Norwood Flames Under 12 Division 1 Team Basketball Arena last weekend, where the team came runners up in the Grand Final of the Basketball SA Junior State Championships. They are now one of only eight interstate teams invited to the National Junior Classics in Melbourne held over the Queen's Birthday Weekend. Good luck Colby!

If your son, be he a current or past scholar, has made any significant achievement in an activity outside of the College, please pass this on to me via email to mvickery@rostrevor.sa.edu.au or by phone, so that I can include his achievements in the weekly newsletter.

Michael Vickery
Acting Head of Co-Curricular



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