Term 3, Week 10 Prefect Newsletter 28 Sept 18

Written on the 28 September 2018

Luke Valente - Head Prefect

One of the best things about Rostrevor is the opportunities afforded to all students within our College community. At the beginning of the year the Prefect body set a goal to try and encourage as many students as possible to participate in internal events. Along with the rest of the Prefect body, I am extremely proud of the eagerness shown by our students to participate in the activities and opportunities that have been presented this year.

School spirit is an integral part of what it means to be a 'Rossi boy' and to enjoy the full Rostrevor experience, it is essential to engage and buy-in to the bigger picture. This year has seen the revival of school spirit through courageous students who have been willing to get on board. I am personally thrilled with the support we have received from each individual student in their own area of interest, whether that be participating in the Red and Black Army, donating to the Indian Pilgrimage, or cheering on the Prefects in our Teachers vs Prefects Futsal match for men's health. We can only anticipate that our 95th year will finish off as strongly as it started, thanks to the collective effort so far from our unified student body.

Deputy Head Prefect - Cyril Saji

2018 has been an incredibly inspiring and eventful year, with the College's 95th year being "The Year of Recognition". The Prefect group have worked with great enthusiasm to recognise the wonderful achievements of students and members of the wider College community. Students have exhibited a brilliant passion for the school, most notably expressed through the revival of the Red and Black Army a group of students lead by Blake Wood, Joshua Piantadosi and Joel Size who have supported the performance of Rostrevor students at their many sporting endeavours.

The Prefects have also worked tirelessly to raise awareness and money for numerous worthy causes pertinent to the lives of young men including Eddie Rice Camps, "R U OK?" Day and Blue Week. It has also been rewarding to collaborate with Patrick Moller and the Social Justice Committee to further enhance our altruistic contributions to the community.

As this year's Prefects, coming to the end of the year signifies a time of reflection, celebration, and relief! Witnessing the Prefects of 2019 await in eagerness for next year fills us with nostalgia, opening our eyes to the immense growth we have undergone throughout this year, and for that we are grateful to the students, staff and wider College community. The camaraderie that has developed between the Prefects runs deep, with numerous lifelong friendships formed. We wish next year's Prefects all the best in their endeavours! 

Max McKay - Head Boarder


Term 3 in Duggan House has been an eventful 10 weeks with the conclusion of all winter sport, including the great win against our arch rival, Sacred Heart, breaking the drought. The game saw many families travel to the College to witness the boys participate in a historic win. Congratulations Year 11 boarder, Cameron Taheny. All members of Duggan House gave their personal best and were outstanding.

Another event for the Duggan House boys was the annual dinner and netball match with sister school, Loreto. We really enjoyed a night out of the normal routine accompanied by the girls from different places and backgrounds. The netball game was well played and overall was a night full of fun.

On Wednesday of Week 7 we hosted a fundraiser, "Parma for a Farmer"; this was a great opportunity to raise money for a cause close to the hearts of all boarding families. Students dressed up as farmers and made a gold coin donation. The money collected was then matched by both the College and Coles Supermarket. The funds raised were then donated to drought relief in far north Queensland. Special mention to Mr Vickery, Mr Walker and our wonderful, chef, Michael, for their assistance.

Finally, I would like to congratulate both Cameron Taheny and Nathan McCarthy on their appointments of Head Boarder and Social Justice Captain and wish them well. As we head into the holiday period I would like to extend a safe travel home to all families.

Andre Lewinski - Internal Services

Term 3 of the academic year has certainly been a rather productive one for the Prefect group having a variety of fundraisers take place which have contributed towards our charity, Eddie Rice Camps Australia. Additionally, we have also maintained our buddy class system with the Junior Years, with all the boys finding it exceptionally rewarding. It has been a great opportunity for the Prefect group to ultimately make our last contribution towards the College, in terms of assisting the boys who are somewhat new to the Rostrevor community and still have plenty of memorable years ahead of them. Personally, towards the end of this term, I found that working with my Reception group allowed me to truly reflect on my Rostrevor journey and to appreciate all the prosperous opportunities I've been graced with, including the privilege of donning the red and black every day. Due to its immense success this year, the Prefect body hopes to continue such an initiative with the Junior Years in the future.

Wishing the entire Rostrevor community a safe and enjoyable end of term holiday. 

Patrick Moller - Social Justice

Term 3 has been another busy and exciting time for the Rostrevor Social Justice Group. We have been working hard to brainstorm different ideas to engage the school community regarding different issues. Thus, we have helped organise and participated in two major events this term, the annual Egan Winter Sleepout and the second instalment of Delicious Diversity.

The sleepout, hosted by Egan House in collaboration with the Social Justice Group was a great way to not only raise much needed funds for Vinnies, but also experience if only for a night, what it is like to be homeless in Adelaide. Many lads were out there, braving the cold and the wet, with only their trusted carboard box as a makeshift bed for comfort, in what was an insight to what thousands of others experience. The night included warm milo prepared by Chef, Mr Trewartha, as well as an insightful chat from Mr Chung about the work he does with Fred's Van.

On Wednesday of Week 9, the school community united in what was a great showcase of the many cultures present within the Rostrevor Community. Delicious Diversity II can only be described as better than the original, with dishes from all around the globe on offer. The concept was simple, if you bought a plate, you got a plate. All students needed to do was bring a plate of food that told a story about that person, their cultural heritage, or simply a dish that was important to him, and share it with his peers. In return he could help himself to all the wonderful dishes. The dish could have been big or small, something bought or even something learnt to make.

Additionally, the annual World XI vs First XI Soccer match took place on the Little Mem on Friday of Week 9, to again highlight our College's diverse nature. The World XI had representatives from many countries including Albania, Croatia, Italy, Thailand, Germany, Scotland, and the Czech Republic.

Both Delicious Diversity and the match were great days of celebration within the school, and it was great to see all the lads embrace it.

Anthony Calabrese - Community Activities

As 2018 draws to a close for the Year 12 cohort, I've thoroughly enjoyed the year and felt a great sense of pride in the role of Community Activities Prefect. It has allowed me to work closely with the whole Prefect body and provided the privilege each week of discussing new ideas on how to improve our great school. One of my major roles was contributing to the memorabilia, which has arrived and will be distributed on Friday of Week 10. As a Prefect, I have had the opportunity to work with staff and serve the Rostrevor community which has had a substantial impact on my own journey at school. I feel that this year has been a success, with the current Prefect group upholding a great sense of inner school sprint and working together to make a positive change. 

George Connolly - House Captain Barron

Term 3 proved to be a vital term for Barron's further development as a House. Our result in Athletics Day, although quite trivial to say the least, showed what we can do when we all get together. Trying to mimic the Spirit Shield win from Swimming Carnival, our boys shone throughout the day and were quite exquisite in their pure determination. I cannot thank them enough for their support and tremendous efforts. Fortunately, this wasn't the end for Barron, where the Walkathon showed our true colours as the leading force in Social Justice. Furthermore, a massive thank you to Mr Footner in his role as Acting Head of Barron House; he has been unwavering in his support for us all.

Finally, congratulations to the 2019 Barron House Captain, Kyle Brazell. Having worked closely with Kyle over the past few years as a Vice-Captain and more specifically this closing year, I have seen Kyle grow and develop as a leader and Barron couldn't be left in more capable hands. Vice-Captain, Samuel Hearn, is as good a leader and I am comfortable in saying that the two will continue Barron's growth and have us back to where we once used to be. Congratulations also to Daniel Carbone for his appointment as the Internal Services Prefect. 

Riley Slack - House Captain Egan

Term 3 has yet again been a record-breaking term for the 'Mighty Egan Knights'.

Athletics Day saw Egan complete a feat unheard of, the 6-peat we had dreamt of all year. Historically, current Year 12 students have completed their Middle and Senior Years schooling with an Egan Athletics Day victory every year. Additionally, Friday morning barbecues continued to thrive, whilst the return of the Egan and Social Justice Winter Sleepout was a success with students from Years 7-12 immersing themselves in the experience. Marian Day was also special as we merged with O'Brien House to welcome speakers from Eddie Rice Camps and the Hutt Street Centre, followed by the annual Walkathon around the Rostrevor suburbs.


I must offer my congratulations to Jamie Signorello on his appointment as the 2019 Egan House Captain, having full confidence in his ability to build on Egan's success in recent years. Well done also to other Egan House Prefect Elects Joshua Rahaley (Head Prefect), Cameron Taheny (Head Boarder) and Luca Mazzeo (Internal Services). 

Jacob Kennerley - House Captain Gurr

The final week of Term 3 gives us an opportunity to reflect on the year so far. With the finish line now in sight, I feel that students in Gurr House can hold our heads high with how we have carried ourselves throughout the year. Winning Swimming Carnival and coming second in Athletics were great achievements in themselves. Consistent improvement throughout the year is getting us closer and closer to Webb House, finishing at the top of the Academic Shield.

The House has been in good spirits with daily handball tournaments during PC and a shot of basketball in Purton Hall during extended PC. The Walkathon was a great success with the boys making a statement and raising money for our House charity, Edmund Rice Camps Australia. A highlight was the young Year 7 and 8 students who put Mr Vickery through his paces deciding to run the length of the walk.

I congratulate the future leaders of the College and Gurr House in 2019. Nathan McCarthy (Social Justice) and Jack Myers (House Captain) will hold our House in great stead throughout the remainder of Term 4 and into 2019.

Lastly, I'd like to thank everyone parents, staff and students who have helped Gurr House and the Year 12 cohort enjoy a successful year. A big thank you to Mr Vickery for his guidance through the year, as well as the Vice-Captains who offered great support. I wish everyone a happy and safe break and hope the Year 12's soak it all in as they prepare for the final two weeks of school followed by end of year exams.   

Joshua Shute - House Captain Murphy

Term 3 has been very busy for Murphy House with all boys contributing in many activities over the course of nine weeks.

Athletics Day was the first event this term; although it wasn't as successful as we would have liked, many boys tried very hard all day. I was pleased to see boys across all year levels help fill as many events as they could. Moving forward to next year hopefully Murphy House can achieve some success on sporting days.

Many Prefect initiatives have been conducted to raise money for important charities including Blue Week, focussing on mental health. This was done through presentations at House gatherings and the Staff vs Prefects Futsal match. Following this we had Delicious Diversity, highlighting and celebrating our diverse community at the College and a soccer match with the 'World XI' made up of students representing different countries vs the First XI Soccer team.

With only a couple of weeks left for the Year 12 boys I hope they enjoy it and wish everyone all the best for their studies.

Overall, my final year at the College and as Murphy House Captain has been an enjoyable experience. The role has helped to improve my leadership capabilities. I thank Mrs Lee and all staff for the support they have shown me this year. With my two younger brothers still at the school, I will keep a very close eye on how we perform next year and I wish Jake Tatarelli and Adam Villano all the very best in their leadership roles. I'm confident that they will do a great job and lead by example. 

Patrick Russo - House Captain O'Brien

Over the course of the 2018 school year, O'Brien House has strived for and achieved greatness in a multitude of areas, from academic to co-curricular, to social justice activities, we have depicted the Rostrevor spirit in all that we have taken part in.

Having a dominant lead in the Academic Shield for the vast majority of the year, the House has transcended its former glory in sporting carnivals to encompass a broader focus on the College collectively.

O'Brien House has taken part and showed support in a number of events coordinated by other Houses including the Winter Sleepout and the Walk a Mile in my Boots Campaign, along with the annual Walkathon on Marian Day. This was done whilst also supporting our own charity, the Edmund Rice Foundation, through several barbecues throughout the year.

Congratulations to the O'Brien Prefects for 2019 who have recently been elected. Stefan Lanzoni and Lewis Pipe have been chosen by both their peers and teachers to lead the College next year. Being O'Brien and Rostrevor boys for numerous years, I am certain that they will lead their fellow supporters to great things.

2018 has been a great year for O'Brien House in all aspects and with inspiring leaders at the helm in 2019, I am sure the mighty lions will move to even greater heights. 

Angus Honner - House Captain Webb

Webb House has had a very successful 2018. The year began with the annual Swimming Carnival which was enjoyed by all, regardless of the result. The day proved to be a great opportunity to have a break from school and compete against the other Houses.

Earlier this term we participated in the Hutt Street Centre's "Walk a Mile in my Boots" campaign which raises money for the Hutt Street Centre to provide services to the many homeless people living on our streets. This year saw the largest group since we started the event; thank you to all who showed support. The whole school Walkathon was also undertaken in support of all House charities. We thoroughly enjoyed walking around the suburbs talking with mates and greeting residents.

The Athletics Carnival also took place earlier this term with Webb House spirit shining through to produce a tremendous effort, finishing third overall and winning the Spirit Shield.

Webb House is still excelling academically, with our sights on the Academic Shield.

Finally, I would like to congratulate our House Captain for next year, Jack Reginato and Vice-Captain, Luca Chiuchiolo on their appointments; I have no doubt you will lead the House to great things.


Ignatius Crafter / Henry Knight - Junior Years Captains

Year 6 Canberra Trip

It was an early wake up call on Tuesday 11th September for 42 eager boys and our 4 teachers as we made our way to the airport at 4:30am to start our Canberra tour for 2018. Although tired, our excitement was written all over our faces.

We arrived in Sydney to glorious weather and the sun shining bright. We met our bus driver Brenton, who would be joining us for the week. We headed to Circular Quay after a brief tour around Sydney and boarded the ferry for a Sydney Harbour cruise. We saw many different landmarks including 'The Lodge', 'Taronga Zoo' and 'Fort Denison'. The boys loved standing at the front of the boat, enjoying the breeze and taking photos. After the cruise, our tummies were growling so we enjoyed some fast food together. A highlight from lunch was a hungry seagull swiping a cheeseburger from one of the boys! It was then a long 4-hour bus journey to Canberra.

We arrived in Canberra at 6:00pm and moved quickly to our dorms and then had dinner shortly after. It was then time to write our first reflection, hang with our friends in our dorms and then off to bed.

Day two, another beautiful morning was upon us and we began our day at Mt Ainslie with a panoramic view of Canberra. The sun was beaming brightly, so after a quick water break, we put our knowledge into action and learnt about Preferential Voting at the Electoral Education Centre. Next was lunch in the House of Representatives garden at Old Parliament House, we then made our way to the High Court. We were fortunate enough to sit in on an appeal's case between the Commonwealth and the ACT and then have a tour of the building. After it was off to the Arboretum to have a play on the giant playground and have an afternoon snack. Feeling tired, we returned to our dorms, had dinner and spoke to our parents. It was then off to bed looking forward to another exciting day tomorrow.

Day three began with breakfast and then off to the Australian Institute of Sport for a tour. This was a highlight for many of us as we were able to participate in the Sportex games area and play games such as measuring our ball speed and accuracy in soccer, football and basketball. We then had a personal tour from an Olympic netballer showing us around the complex where the athletes train. We then were able to play games such as European handball, soccer and hockey with professional athletes. We then had a lunch break to restore our energy before a walk around Lake Burley Griffin where we were able to learn about Canberra's history and layout. Next was another major highlight of our tour, Questacon. We participated in some scientific exhibitions including a free fall slide where we held onto a bar dangling, then let go and let gravity do the rest. After Questacon we returned to our accommodation to have dinner and relax with our friends. Then it was off to bed to prepare for our last day.

Our last day was here in no time! We packed our bags quickly and then loaded up the bus before heading to the Australian War Memorial. This was a deeply moving and unique experience, where we learnt about some stories of ANZAC legends and saw some artefacts from different wars. We also had the opportunity to view some real-life helicopters and planes in a sound and light show. Perhaps the most important part of our visit was seeing the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Roll of Honour. We all paid our respects to soldiers who had died in war.

After the War Memorial, it was a quick stop for lunch before heading to Parliament House. When we arrived, we were met by Mr Tony Zappia who is the House of Representative member for Makin. He came with us to undertake a role play where we got to act as all the people who make up the House of Representatives. Some boys even got to dress up in the official robes! We debated a bill that animals should be banned from all circuses. Then we had a very interesting tour of both the House of Representatives and the Senate. It was great to see everything we had learnt at school in person and we were able to ask some questions of our tour guide.

Our final stop was to Canberra Central to have some dinner in the food court before heading to the airport for our flight home. Overall it was an amazing experience that we will always remember. We would like to thank our teachers Miss Hanson, Mr Monda, Mr Degeorge and Mr Hingston for coming with us on the journey and to our parents for their support.

Students from our College have recently undertaken an education tour of the National Capital. They were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia's history, culture, heritage and democracy.

Support from the Australian Federal Government

The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the National Capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government is contributing funding of $60.00 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate (PACER) Program toward those costs which is paid directly to the College upon completion of the excursion.

We take this opportunity to publicly thank the Australian Federal Government for their continued support of our Civics and Citizenship Program at Rostrevor College Junior Campus.

Naish Crafter and Henry Knight.









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