Term 4, Week 6, Newsletter - Friday 23 November 2018

Written on the 23 November 2018

Co-Curricular Assembly
Last Friday we held our Summer Co-Curricular Assembly where a significant number of students were rewarded for their outstanding contributions to the College's Co-Curricular Program. It was a wonderful celebration of all the learning opportunities offered beyond the traditional classroom; on the sporting field, the stage and by participating in our overseas tours and trips. So much rich learning occurs by participating in such activities and this compliments what students are taught in the classroom.

The Summer Program allows for students to represent Rostrevor across a variety of activities including Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Handball, Music, Pedal Prix, Rock & Water, Swimming, Tennis and Water Polo. 
The reports delivered by students were presented with enthusiasm, each sharing the highlights of their respective group/team, their successes and their participation. The music and drama performances complemented the morning assembly and reminded us of the importance of the performing arts, particularly in an all-boys environment.

Co-curricular offers our young men the opportunity to function as part of a team, learning the importance of all members contributing to a group performance. No matter what the activity, the measure of success is intangible; it includes many dimensions which may vary for each participant. Success is winning, improving performance, learning a new skill, camaraderie, learning to share, recognising the importance of reliability, developing communication skills, to name just some. It reminds us that success is available to all who participate.
It is important that we not only congratulate those who won awards but also those who willingly participated in these activities, to all parents who helped with coaching, transport and assisting on match days, and to our staff for their continued involvement in this essential dimension of our College life. Without this combined effort, it would not be possible.

Twilight Fair
This year's Twilight Fair proved to be an outstanding success once again in its rejuvenated format. The support from the Rostrevor community was first class with a large attendance joining in the spirit of the occasion.
Events such as this also provide us with the opportunity to showcase the talents of our students. The quality of the musical performances was exceptional.
Without community support events such as this would not be possible. The hard work and dedication of our Parents' & Friends' Association and College staff played a significant role in its success. To all those who helped, a big thank you for your contribution.

Italian Cultural Immersion Trip (Soggiorno Italiano) 2019
At the Co-Curricular Assembly on Friday, Jamie Signorello, Jake Tatarelli and Samuel Cirocco spoke about their experiences on our last trip to Italy to launch Soggiorno Italiano 2019 which is being offered to all students currently in Years 9 to 11. Parents will receive a letter early next week providing additional information and a return reply slip for expressions of interest which will need to be submitted no later than Wednesday 5 December. Once all expressions of interest have been received, an information evening will be scheduled early in Term 1 next year

The Soggiorno Italiano will include a tour of Italy where students will fully immerse themselves in the Italian language and culture. The cities visited in the past have included Milan, Lake Como, Venice, Maranello (Ferrari Museum), Assisi, Florence, Pisa, Sorrento, Amalfi, Isle of Capri, Pompeii and Rome. Students will view the works of famous Italian artists as well as experience other precious cultural treasures that make Italy unique and universally appealing. The biennial trip takes place in November/December for approximately 21 days. Included in the cost are accommodation, guided tours, some meals and entry to museums.

Year 12 Graduation Ceremony
Our Graduation events are wonderful celebrations marking the end of compulsory schooling for our Year 12 students. It is fantastic to see students and their extended families so happy, so proud and probably, so relieved that it is all over! Not a single young man graduates from Rostrevor without significant sacrifice by himself and his support network, which in most cases includes his parents or carers. We say "thank you" to parents and carers for your trust and support of Rostrevor throughout this journey.

On Wednesday evening we attended the Year 12 Graduation Dinner at the Entertainment Centre. It was great to re-engage with students and families after the final assessment period. Our Special Guest was Tom Hector (Class of 2008). On Thursday morning we celebrated the Graduation & Valedictory Ceremony in Purton Hall. This was a wonderful occasion for the Graduating Class of 2018 and their families where we offered a final farewell and blessing.

SACE Stage 2 Examinations and Results Release
The SACE Stage 2 Examinations have concluded. No doubt, this can be a stressful time for some, however, I am sure that commitment to study allowed students to reap the rewards. In general, students have been very positive and should be proud of the way they conducted themselves not only during the examination period but throughout the year.

SACE Board results will be released on Tuesday 18 December. Students will be able to access their results online via the SACE Board website. The boys have been encouraged to log into 'Students Online' using their SACE Registration number and PIN well prior to the results release data to ensure that they can gain access.

We wish our Class of 2018 all the very best with their final SACE results.

Frank Ranaldo
Deputy Principal 


Glen Stuart Rd Woodforde Sa 5072 Australia


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