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From the Principal

Posted on 14 August 2020
From the Principal

Dear parents/caregivers and friends of Rostrevor

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update - Friday 14 August 2020
Thankfully we have not experienced a dramatic escalation in the number of cases and COVID-19 restrictions since last week.  Consequently, there is little change to our day-to-day College activities and, as you will see from the gallery, we have been able to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of Mary and our Unfair Day here at the College; more on that below.

General protections
While schools are exempt from many of the restrictions in place for businesses and other organisations, a number of our events are included under the category of 'Defined Public Activities' which means we have a COVID-19 Management Plan in place for each event.  Whilst it adds to our workload and cost of such events, it is the least we can do to keep everyone safe.
We are also working to provide more online coverage, such as live updates and other media links for College events where parents/caregivers are not able to attend in 2020.

Weekend Sport and Kiss & Drop
Thank you to everyone who has supported our sports teams in recent weeks and worked with us in terms of social distancing and personal hygiene requirements.  It is simply wonderful that we are still able to conduct our sport program and your help and support for the COVID-19 management provisions makes a big difference.  Similarly, your support for our management processes when dropping off or collecting your son(s) from school is much appreciated.

Preparations in case we have to go online
While it looks unlikely at the moment, our teachers and support staff are planning to be ready should we be required to teach online at short notice.  An essential part of these preparations includes making sensible adjustments for those classes where online learning is problematic. Hopefully, our preparations will not be needed.

Marian Day
I would like to thank our Religious Education and Music staff who have supported our students in producing a wonderful Mass by video which enabled us to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption earlier today.  Our special thanks go to Father Peter Zwaans who celebrated the pre-recorded Mass and managed to touch our hearts in his homily as we participated in the Mass in House gatherings throughout the College.  You may view the video below.


During the preparations for this unusual format for our annual celebration, we were a little nervous about how it might work.  Sitting in the back row of the Chapel with the O'Brien House I felt my spirits soar as we touched on one of the great mysteries of the Church; the hours of preparation had paid off.

While there is so much more to ponder on the Feast of Mary's assumption into heaven, it strikes me that, just as Pope Pius XII invocation of papal infallibility to define the dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin in 1950 was a powerful statement of the infinite love of God in the world after the ravages of WW2, our simple celebration of Mass today gives us a gentle reminder not to lose hope amidst the current pandemic.

Photos from 'Unfair Day' and Inter-House Cross Country


New Reader-Friendly Rostrevor Updates
As we move to more reader-friendly communications with our families, I encourage you to visit our 'Latest News' page where we will regularly share co-curricular results and other news.  This week, we are pleased to include informative and entertaining match reports by some of our senior students.

Visit 'Latest News'


Brian Schumacher

Please see below the full mass and a snippet of our Junior Year boys performing 



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