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This page is a one-stop-shop for existing Junior Years families and contains all recent communications, helpful links and educational programs and priorities to support your son.

Teaching and Learning in the Junior Years

Our curriculum focuses on the academic, social, and emotional growth of each boy and provides an opportunity to foster self-assurance, responsibility, resilience, knowledge, skills, and capabilities that are relevant to the world of today and tomorrow. 

 Our contemporary teaching and learning approaches are centered around the Australian Curriculum and Crossways (Religious Education).

At Rostrevor College, we are committed to implementing evidence-based methods and approaches in all teaching and learning areas. Using a range of practices that research has demonstrated to have the greatest impact on student learning, teachers use quality evidence to establish where students are at in their leaning, decide on appropriate teaching strategies and interventions and monitor each boys progress.  

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Parent/caregiver enquiries
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Main Reception (Middle/Senior Years) 
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Literacy in the Junior Years is based on the explicit and systematic teaching of fundamental literacy knowledge and skills. A Structured Literacy approach is used to explicitly and systematically teach all important components of literacy with a focus on these six key areas

  • Oral Language  
  • Phonological and phonemic awareness 
  • Phonics 
  • Vocabulary  
  • Fluency 
  • Comprehension

These components include both foundational skills (e.g., reading, spelling, handwriting and letter formation) and higher-level literacy skills (e.g., reading comprehension, written expression). read more


Numeracy is the knowledge, skills and behaviours students need to be able to apply mathematics in a wide range of situations. It involves recognising and understanding the role of mathematics in the world and being able to use mathematical knowledge and skills purposefully.  Students develop mathematical capabilities in:  

  • Understanding   
  • Fluency  
  • Problem Solving 
  • Reasoning  

Our mathematics approach focuses on evidence-based, explicit instruction skills and processes. Boys develop competence, enjoyment and appreciation of mathematics while acquiring important skills and knowledge to apply in everyday life. 


Seesaw R-3

Seesaw is the new digital portfolio app used in Reception - Year 3 to bring families closer to the classroom.


Linking School & Home

The Seesaw App allows your son and his teachers to send you images, videos, reflections and notes on his school learning. 

Seesaw give parents a real-time glimpse into their child's school day as well as the opportunity to provide feedback to support their son's learning at home.

Seesaw for Students

Seesaw empowers students to independently document their learning on their iPad at school.

It gives students a secure place to communicate an understanding of their learning, be creative and develop digital citizenship skills in a managed environment.

Seesaw for Families

Parents receive notifications when new posts or messages are added. Parents can "like" and give feedback to their own child.

All comments, photos, videos and notes added by parents or students will be approved by the class teacher before they are published.

Parent Representatives
The role of the Parent Representative is to act as liaison between parent(s)/caregiver(s) and to assist in informing our families about activities planned either by the College, the College community groups or within the year level. 

How to Register as a Parent Representative 

If you are interested in nominating as a Parent Representative for your son's year level, please advise his classroom teacher. 

Should you have any queries about Parent Representatives please address them via the following email: 


SEQTA is the Learning Management System at Rostrevor. “SEQTA Engage” allows you to view your child’s timetable, attendance and a brief overview of course information, assignments, homework etc. 


& Guides

How to access lessons on SEQTA

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Saving work in a Folio on SEQTA

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Little Rossi Learners: Ready for Rostrevor!  

Starting school is an exciting milestone for a child and his family. The transition from early learning settings to primary school can be both wonderful and challenging for students and parents. A successful transition from early learning to school is important and has long lasting benefits. Children who experience a positive transition into their new environment are more likely to be happy at school and continue to improve their social and academic skills.  

Our program
Little Rossi Learners: Ready for Rostrevor! is offered to children in the term prior to them commencing Reception at Rostrevor College.  

Transition programs and techniques have a positive impact on the academic achievement of students.  For boys, it is recommended they participate in six or more school transition activities as opposed to a single event or isolated visits. 

While not compulsory, it is a valuable opportunity for children to form connections with friends, teachers and the physical school space before commencing formal schooling. 

Sessions will be run weekly for six weeks in the term prior to commencement. Sessions will be run by a qualified teacher. 

When children and families participate in Little Rossi Learners: Ready for Rostrevor! they: 

  • develop their sense of belonging to the Rostrevor College community 

  • establish a positive connection to the physical space, place and faces of the community 

  • familiarise with the process of separating from family 

  • develop social connections with new friends and educators 

  • become familiar with the routines of school life i.e. morning meetings, snack time.

  • access evidence based early literacy instruction and assessment 

Little Rossi Learners: Ready for Rostrevor!  is based on the Early Years Learning Framework. This framework has a specific emphasis on play-based learning and recognises the importance of communication and language including early literacy and numeracy.  

The learning program features: 

  • Opportunities for group learning and establishing school routines  

  • Implementation of early literacy and numeracy programs  

  • Engaging in play-based learning opportunities to build social and communication skills  

Family members and educators have the opportunity to discuss, share and celebrate the children’s learning experiences at each session time. 

Children's learning is captured and shared with parents/caregivers via the Seesaw App, which continues throughout their school life at Rostrevor College. 

For more info about the Little Rossi Learners: Ready for Rostrevor!, please contact jyinfo@rostrevor.sa.edu.au

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