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Student Counselling/Psychology Services

College counselling at Rostrevor College entails a Psychology service delivered by Registered Psychologist and Accredited Mental Health Social Worker. The role of the counselling service at Rostrevor College is to apply psychological and educational expertise to support students (R-12) to achieve academic success, psychological health, and social and emotional wellbeing. To achieve these outcomes, the activities that the school psychologist/counsellor are engaged in are diverse and include counselling, assessment, implementation of targeted prevention and intervention programs (including group programs), consultation, referral processes and evaluation. The school psychologist and counsellor also assist in the management of critical incidents.

The school psychologist and counsellor offer counselling and support for problematic life events that can affect all students, such as:

  • peer relationships
  • family difficulties
  • grief and loss
  • stress/study management
  • mental health
  • resilience and emotional regulation.

The college psychologist and counsellor work closely together in providing biopsychosocial support and assessment. In addition, the college psychologist offers a specialised service in psycho-educational assessment and diagnosis in all areas of child and adolescent development, including learning disabilities and difficulties.

The school psychologist and counsellor endeavour to work in a consultative, resourceful and supportive manner with parents/guardians, teachers, school administrators and external health service providers, whilst ensuring the confidentiality of student psychological information. The school psychologist and counsellor work with the primary purpose of achieving the best outcome for students.

The psychologist and counsellor at Rostrevor College adhere to the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the Australian Association of Social Work (AASW) Code of Ethics.

Our Psychologist/Counsellor may be contacted if parent(s)/caregiver(s) or students feel the need for extra support via email: talk@rostrevor.sa.edu.au.
Counselling services are provided to referred students on a short-term basis. Students identified (by the psychologist or counsellor) as requiring specialised or extended services will be referred to appropriate services in the community.

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