A Catholic Boys ’ Day and Boarding College in the Edmund Rice Tradition - Reception to YEAR 12.

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Supporting Indigenous Students


Our Indigenous students are supported in a variety of ways. The Indigenous Liaison Co-ordinator is responsible for overseeing these students to ensure that they are receiving the full range of support that Rostrevor offers them including;
Academic support classroom teachers; Learning Centre staff (eg some students are allocated a ‘Learning Centre line’ for intensive Literacy and Numeracy support); a Year 10/11 small-group Literacy Intervention class; tutoring; monitoring of Academic progress; subject counselling
Pastoral Care students and their families, including visits to homes, town camps and communities
Individual Learning Plans written for each student following meetings with the Indigenous Liaison Co-ordinator, students, Pastoral Care Teachers, House Leaders and where possible, parents
  Support and advocacy in funding and scholarships (eg the Indigenous Youth Leadership Program through The Smith Family)
Cultural support access to and involvement in significant cultural events and programs (these include active involvement in National Reconciliation Week activities and the Yellakka Yellarkarri Leadership and Identity program). This also includes acknowledgement of the Indigenous presence (past, present and future) eg: flying the Aboriginal Flag every day, Acknowledgement of Country etc.
Boarding House support tutoring; organisation of travel arrangements; liaising with families, subject teachers, House Leaders, school administration and Indigenous Liaison Co-ordinator
Learning Centre support co-ordinated by Director of Equity Council and the Head of Inclusive Education, and includes small-group support, particularly with Literacy and Numeracy
Psychologists and Counsellors provide ongoing support in a range of areas including coping with homesickness
Careers Counselling access to VET, school-based training and TAFE courses and workshops related to future career and study options
Leadership students are encouraged to demonstrate leadership and are made aware of, and encouraged to take advantage of, various Leadership Development programs


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