A Catholic Boys ’ Day and Boarding College in the Edmund Rice Tradition - Reception to YEAR 12.

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Senior Years

Years 10-12

Our Graduates

Capable young men of good character who confidently take their place in the world beyond Rostrevor is our aim for every boy. We believe that to prepare them for a successful life in a world very different the one into which their parents and grandparents graduated, we need to have high expectations of them and equip them with the skills and attributes that will serve them and our society well.

Our College Motto, 'Palma Merenti' reminds us daily that the rewards come to those who earn them. Wherever our boys find themselves, in the classroom, laboratory, recording studio, or sporting field they know that only diligent application to learning, rehearsing and training will lead to the performances of which they are truly proud. Aspiring to regularly improve upon one's personal best and to surpass the records set by one's predecessors is encouraged and celebrated at Rostrevor. 'Palma Merenti' is our way of life as students and our compass for building a successful life as an adult.

Men For Others

The pursuit of one's personal best must be balanced by deep sense of connection to and responsibility for one's community. Thus, our College Ethos challenges every boy to become a Man for Others; someone who cares deeply about the people in his life and who accepts personal responsibility for contributing to building a better world for everyone.

Our capable young men of good character are good family men, good team men and good community men. With this dual focus on developing their capabilities and character our Rostrevor lads rightly take their place alongside generations of their predecessors who have contributed so handsomely to all fields of academic, business, cultural and sporting endeavours over the last century. Knowing that they belong to a family of Rostrevor men offers extra confidence that they too will take their place as future leaders and shapers of their communities.

Academic Success

- Schools are first and foremost, places of learning

Regardless of his subject profile or co-curricular interests, we expect every senior student to apply himself diligently in every lesson, every activity every day! Indeed, we hope that they go home a little tired after a day of learning at Rostrevor because it means that they have been stretched in their thinking, overcome challenges and developed new strengths.

Understanding that senior boys are still developing their social and emotional intelligence, we know that they are capable of accepting responsibility for their actions and committing to a rigorous academic program. We also know that most thrive in this environment of high expectations and high support; where they know that as they work hard, their teachers are right beside them helping them to achieve their goals. This is a feature of our graduates' valedictory statements how much they have enjoyed the challenge and the partnership with outstanding teachers who were equally committed to their success.

Ultimately, it matters not what you study rather your application and commitment to Palma Merenti that will lead you to success.

A Variety of Pathways

As boys enter Year 10, most develop a sense of the subject and general career pathways that they are more interested in which allows them to shape their timetable to best reflect their interests, talents and aspirations. In this regard, we are thankful to have access to broad network of VET providers along with string links to the university sector that complement the diverse subject offerings available on site. Having helped boys choose the right combination of subjects to suit his academic interests and strengths, we expect them to make the most of the opportunities provided by outstanding teachers and specialist support staff.

A Balanced Approach to Pursuing Academic Excellence

We expect all boys to submit assignments of a "C" standard or better, knowing that the tasks have been well-designed with the needs and capabilities of the cohort in mind. At the same time, we work continuously with our Faculty to ensure the spread of assessment tasks and general workload is managed in such a way that it provides every senior boy with a properly balanced program of study, physical and social activity. Additional support is readily available for boys who need help planning and organising their study.

To hear graduates speak of Year 12 as the best year of their life where they achieved their academic goals without having to exclude high levels of commitment to sport, music, community service and social connections is very affirming of our approach.

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