A Catholic Boys ’ Day and Boarding College in the Edmund Rice Tradition - Reception to YEAR 12.

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Developing a Sense of happiness and resilience among our
boys and young men as they strive for excellence

Student Wellbeing


At Rostrevor, we understand that student wellbeing underpins everything else. A boy that is understood, nurtured and supported to overcome challenges has the best chance of fulfilling his academic potential.

The modern boy has a lot to deal with from social and personal challenges through to academic pressures. Rostrevor's emphasis is to ensure every boy finds his place and feels safe and supported so he may learn and grow with confidence.

In essence, a Rostrevor boy has a team of people looking out for him and standing by him, which starts from the top and is reinforced by many layers of teachers, student leaders and professional support workers.


Student wellbeing starts at the top

Led by Principal Brian Schumacher and Deputy Principal - Dean of Students (R-12) Frank Ranaldo, Rostrevor puts the wellbeing of every student above all else. The College employs four dedicated Directors of Student Wellbeing each with a specific focus - Junior, Middle, Senior Years as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. This approach ensures no student falls through the cracks and acknowledges that boys face varying challenges as they progress through their school journey.


Director Student Wellbeing - Junior Years

Mrs Melissa Canil brings great energy and warmth to the Junior Years as well as exceptional knowledge of contemporary teaching techniques to bring out the best in every boy.


Director Student Wellbeing - Middle Years

Bill Trewartha is a great educator and mentor with a passion for cricket and is well liked and respected by the younger teenage cohort he supports.


Director Student Wellbeing - Senior Years

Mr Evan Pezos has a firm-but-fair approach that is respected by our senior students and encourages them to be the best they can be. He has a passion for soccer and a great pride for Rostrevor and every student that walks through its gate 

Director Student Wellbeing - ATSI Students

Mr Geoff Aufderheide has great experience as an ATSI educator and a strong understanding of the needs of students from remote and regional communities as well as a strong passion for AFL.

Professional support

Rostrevor employs a dedicated psychologist, Karolina Pasierbek, and counsellor Adrian Terminello who provide one-on-one support where it is needed. They are available to assist students with:

  • peer relationships
  • family difficulties
  • grief and loss
  • stress/study management
  • mental health
  • resilience and emotional regulation.

Our psychologist and counsellor may be contacted if parents, caregivers or students feel the need for extra support via email: talk@rostrevor.sa.edu.au.

"Students with well-developed social and emotional skills find it easier to manage themselves, relate to others, develop resilience and a sense of self-worth, resolve conflict, engage in teamwork and feel positive about themselves and the world around them."

The Value of Pastoral Care

In the Middle and Senior Years, Pastoral Care is a vertical structure which brings boys in Year 7 - 12 together in one Pastoral Care class. This vertical support system encourages older students to look out for younger students in their House.

A student's Pastoral Care teacher is, in most cases, with them for their entire secondary school journey and provides a consistent, caring presence. The personal well-being of each boy is a PC teacher's highest priority. At Rostrevor, this House structure not only provides a support network and sense of belonging, but promotes friendships and a College camaraderie which remains with many Rostrevor students for life.




A Sense of Belonging


Rostrevor has six houses: Egan, Barron, Murphy, Gurr, O'Brien and Webb. Each has a Head of House from the academic staff and a student House Captain and Vice-Captain from each year level.

Every week, Middle and Senior students meet in the Kelty Theatre or the Rostrevor Chapel where they discuss topics of importance to teenage boys, which can range from mental health and the impacts of social media through to safe-driving, study tips and personal motivation and organisation.These House gatherings also focus on social justice and fundraising initiatives in support of those in the community facing adversity.



No tolerance of Bullying

Rostrevor has a clear Code of Conduct and clear expectations regarding boys' behaviour which is repeatedly outlined to our students. We believe in providing high levels of supervision and have clear policies for addressing inappropriate behaviour and resolving issues. We have a strong belief in keeping parents informed in the process.

As Men for Others, Rostrevor boys are taught from the very start of their College journey to respect and support their peers and are encouraged to build compassion, tolerance and empathy for others. The expansive grounds at Rostrevor, which provide great spaces to run around and play, combined with Rostrevor's emphasis on inclusivity and camaraderie, can also help circumvent bullying.




Wellbeing Initiatives

Hot Choc Friday

Student wellbeing at Rostrevor starts from the top down. Principal Brian Schumacher, Deputy Principal Nicole Laube and JY Student Wellbeing leader Mel Canil take time out on Hot Choc Friday to talk to JY students and acknowledge their personal efforts through the week.

Year 7 Social Skills

Moving into Year 7 can be a very daunting prospect for some boys, especially those how have not made their way through our Junior Years. This settling in period does take some time and this year our College Counsellors worked with every Year 7 student in a three-week Social Skills Program. This program looked at many different aspects of College life including resilience, getting along, making new friends, conflict resolution, emotional regulation, mindfulness and self-worth. The boys have engaged well with this program and relationships across the College have been strengthened as a result.

Resilient Kicks

For boys requiring a little more intensive activity to boost their well-being, our Resilient Kicks initiative is a 20-week program of non-competitive physical and social experiences that combine resilience and coping strategies with fun, physical activity.

Zip-lining at Tree Climb was a great finale to the Resilient Kicks program which has been building confidence, friendships, fitness and resilience among our Middle Year students under the guidance of our Director of Wellbeing Middle Years Bill Trewartha and Counsellor Adrian Terminello.

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