College Leadership Team

Shana Bennett

Mrs Bennett is a highly-respected leader in Catholic education with significant experience in the R-12 setting, including leadership roles at more than six SA schools. Mrs Bennett has been educating boys for the past 20 years and believes the quality of the relationship between learner and educator is paramount. Mrs Bennett looks forward to taking Rostrevor into the future while honouring the tradition and legacy of those who have made Rostrevor the excellent College it is.

Cameron Alexander
Deputy Principal 

With many years of experience in senior leadership roles across four Edmund Rice Education Australia Colleges in three states, Mr Alexander brings a wealth of expertise to Rostrevor College. A passionate advocate for student wellbeing, he firmly believes it is the cornerstone of academic achievement. Mr Alexander fosters thriving learning environments where students feel supported and empowered to reach their full potential. He is committed to building strong relationships with staff, families and students to ensure every boy at Rostrevor flourishes both inside and outside the classroom. 

Daniel Stratford
Head of School

Mr Stratford is an experienced and dynamic leader with a passion for curriculum innovation and high quality learning communities. Mr Stratford has extensive Leadership experience within the Catholic Education sector and looks forward to building strong relationships within the Rostrevor community. Mr Stratford believes strongly in the development of the whole child and values the role of a strong co-curricular program in developing strong and caring young men.

Siobhan Paley
Assistant Principal - Junior Years

Mrs Paley is an experienced and dynamic educator with extensive leadership experience in the Catholic Education sector including Assistant Principal, Director of Learning and Religious Education Coordinator roles. Mrs Paley is currently completing a Master of Educational Leadership.

Lisa Clark
Director of Identity & Mission

Mrs Clark guides students and staff in spirituality and social justice programs and reinforces what it means to be "Men for Others" at Rostrevor. Mrs Clark drives many "Faith in Action" initiatives which encourage students to help people less fortunate than themselves and develop a life-long sense of compassion and empathy for others.

Anthony Harriss
Business Manager

Mr Harriss is committed to ensuring the best outcomes for Rostrevor students of all backgrounds and plays a key role in projects to expand and enhance our College as part of a business model of continuous improvement. Mr Harriss also oversees the day-to-day financial management of the College.

Michael Vickery
Director - Boarding

Mr Vickery oversees Duggan House, which is home to approximately 70 boarders, support staff and dedicated tutors. He sees that boarders are well looked after and that each boy is supported to reach his full academic potential. Mr Vickery also ensures the values of the College are transferred beyond the classroom.

Kerry Hodkinson
Director - Teaching & Learning

Mrs Hodkinson is a dynamic and experienced educator who oversees the College curriculum and subject selections. As a Senior Years teacher, Mrs Hodkinson provides invaluable motivation and support for our Senior students and plays a crucial role in guiding all of our students on their academic path.

Evan Pezos
Director - Student Wellbeing
(Senior Years)

Mr Pezos oversees student wellbeing in the Senior Years and works with students and families in relation to student wellbeing as well as providing a regular program of information and workshop sessions to prepare students for challenges they will face as they complete their schooling and life after school. 

Bill Trewartha
Director - Student Wellbeing
(Middle Years)

Mr Trewartha oversees student wellbeing during the Middle Years and works with students and families in relation to student wellbeing as well as providing a regular program of information and workshop sessions to help navigate the modern challenges of adolescence for students and families in the Middle Years.


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