College Leadership Team

Frank Ranaldo

As a senior Rostrevor teacher for 21 years and Deputy Principal since 2016, Mr Ranaldo has a deep and personal connection with the College and its students and strong commitment to helping our boys become the best they can be in all facets of learning and life.

Nicole Laube
Deputy Principal - Dean of Faculty (R-12)

Mrs Laube is an experienced educator who has worked as a Deputy Principal for more than 11 years and has led curriculum development in South Australia and overseas. Mrs Laube is passionate about our evolving curriculum that is ever changing to provide the best possible education for our students. 

Mark Simpson
Deputy Principal - Dean of Students (R-12) (Acting)

Mark is an Old Collegian ('78) who has an impressive leadership background having served as Principal of Trinity College South for 10 years and, prior to that, as Director of Staff Development at Sacred Heart College. He is responsible for Student Wellbeing and Pastoral Care across all Year levels.

Ric Sachse
Assistant Principal - Religious Identity & Mission

Mr Sachse guides students and staff in spirituality and social justice programs and reinforces what it means to be "Men for Others" at Rostrevor. Mr Sachse drives many "Faith in Action" initiatives which encourage students to help people less fortunate than themselves and develop a life-long sense of compassion and empathy for others.

Sharyn Darrell
Assistant Principal - Learning & Wellbeing (Junior Years)

Ms Darrell has worked as a teacher, counsellor, assistant principal, deputy principal and principal over the past 17 years and has a strong background in contemporary, evidence-based practice. She has delivered school improvement programs in public, private and regional education settings and aims to encourage every boy to "have a voice" and be actively engaged in the learning experience.

Jan Hurley
Business Manager

Mrs Hurley is committed to ensuring the best outcomes for Rostrevor students of all backgrounds and plays a key role in projects to expand and enhance our College as part of a business model of continuous improvement. Mrs Hurley also oversees the day-to-day financial management of the College.

Michael Vickery
Director - Boarding

Mr Vickery oversees Duggan House, which is home to approximately 70 boarders, support staff and dedicated tutors. He sees that boarders are well looked after and that each boy is supported to reach his full academic potential. Mr Vickery also ensures the values of the College are transferred beyond the classroom.

Kerry Hodkinson
Director - Teaching & Learning

Mrs Hodkinson is a dynamic and experienced educator who oversees the College curriculum and subject selections. As a Senior Years teacher, Mrs Hodkinson provides invaluable motivation and support for our Senior students and plays a crucial role in guiding all of our students on their academic path.

Luke Manuel
Director - Co-Curricular

Mr Manuel co-ordinates the College's extensive Co-Curricular program. As an experienced educator and accomplished sportsman, Mr Manuel brings a professional and motivated focus to the rich program of sports, music and other extra curricular activities offered at Rostrevor College and ensures the individual interests of every boy are catered for.

Evan Pezos
Director - Student Wellbeing
(Senior Years)

Mr Pezos oversees student wellbeing in the Senior Years and works with students and families in relation to student wellbeing as well as providing a regular program of information and workshop sessions to prepare students for challenges they will face as they complete their schooling and life after school. 

Bill Trewartha
Director - Student Wellbeing
(Middle Years)

Mr Trewartha oversees student wellbeing during the Middle Years and works with students and families in relation to student wellbeing as well as providing a regular program of information and workshop sessions to help navigate the modern challenges of adolescence for students and familes in the Middle Years.


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