Academic Success

Exceptional SACE Results for Rostrevor

Congratulations to all our Year 12 students for completing their final year of schooling at Rostrevor College. These results highlight the ATARs achieved during this year but we know that success if measured in many ways and look forward to continuing to celebrate the many different avenues that you have contributed to life at and beyond Rostrevor.  Congratulations to Dux for 2023 Harrison Lynch (99.7) and Proxime Accessit Lachlan Tripodi (99.65).

The College again attained 100% SACE completion with:

  • 18% of students achieving an ATAR above 90
  • 45% of students achieving an ATAR above 80
  • 26 Merits
  • 25 Additional A+ grades
  • 83% of all grades in the A or B band

Congratulations also to Lachlan Tripodi who has been awarded the Governor of South Australia Excellence in SACE award.

See our SACE achievement flyer here or read more about students results here.

Schools are, first and foremost, places of learning

We encourage and support every student to apply himself diligently in every lesson and every activity every day! Indeed, we hope that they go home a little tired after a day of learning at Rostrevor because it means that they have been challenged, stretched in their thinking and developed new strengths.

Understanding that senior boys are still developing their social and emotional intelligence, we know that they are capable of accepting responsibility for their actions and committing to a rigorous academic program. We also know that most thrive in this environment of high expectations and high support; where they know that as they work hard, their teachers are right beside them helping them to achieve their goals. This is a feature of our graduates' valedictory statements how much they have enjoyed the challenge and the partnership with outstanding teachers who were equally committed to their success.


Teaching and Learning in the Junior Years

Our curriculum focuses on the academic, social, and emotional growth of each boy and provides an opportunity to foster self-assurance, responsibility, resilience, knowledge, skills, and capabilities that are relevant to the world of today and tomorrow. 

 Our contemporary teaching and learning approaches are centered around the Australian Curriculum and Crossways (Religious Education).

At Rostrevor College, we are committed to implementing evidence-based methods and approaches in all teaching and learning areas. Using a range of practices that research has demonstrated to have the greatest impact on student learning, teachers use quality evidence to establish where students are at in their leaning, decide on appropriate teaching strategies and interventions and monitor each boys progress. Read More

A wide range of learning experiences

It is important to provide boys with a wide range of learning experiences, particularly in the Junior and Middle Years, and exposure them to different types of teachers and approaches to learning. 

The key to keeping boys highly engaged in learning is designing lessons that target what some call the zone of 'proximal challenge' where the tasks are not so easy that boys become bored and not so difficult that they rarely experience success. When the level of challenge is appropriate, boys look forward to their next class where they will be expected to negotiate the next series of learning challenges and master new skills and knowledge.

In the Senior Years, many develop a sense of the careers that appeal to them which allows them to shape their subject choice to best reflect their interests, talents and aspirations. Rostrevor's comprehensive and diverse subject offering is complemented by strong links to the university and VET sector ensuring that every boy is guided and supported as they embark on their chosen career path.
Senior student academic support includes:

  • Career counselling from University, VET and Senior College staff
  • Time Management, Study Sense and Ace Your Exams support modules
  • Leap and Headstart Programs for advanced learners

For information regarding the vast array of opportunities offered at Rostrevor College, please view our Curriculum Handbook.

Specialist learning support

Research tells us that, in any group of young people, there will be a proportion of students who need additional, specialist support to help manage specific barriers to their learning. Thankfully, we educate at a time when there is a vast array of research, programmes and strategies that help us to support every boy achieve academic success.

Our Inclusive Education Team includes teachers and support staff who work in partnership with students, parents and teachers to develop and implement personalised learning plans. Additional support is provided to students within classes, sometimes in specialist activities and homework/study support.

While the Inclusive Education Team plays a decisive role in helping boys achieve success, the College invests in the ongoing professional development of all teaches to continually build our capacity to meet the needs of all boys regardless of the subjects or classes they attend. Read More



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