Child Safeguarding

Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

All children and young people at Rostrevor College have a right to feel and be safe. We are committed to providing a child-safe and child-friendly environment where children and young people are able to actively participate in decisions that affect their lives.

The College has a zero tolerance for child abuse and other harm and is committed to acting in students' best interests and keeping them safe from harm.

The College's child safeguarding responsibilities are of  the utmost importance and, as such, we are committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure compliance with all relevant child protection laws and regulations, and maintaining a child-safe culture.

Each member of the College community has a responsibility to understand the important and specific role that they play individually and collectively to ensure that the wellbeing and safety of all students is at the forefront of everything they do and every  decision they make.

How do we deliver on this Commitment?

To keep this commitment, the College maintains a Child Safeguarding Program that relates to all aspects of child safety and protecting students from abuse or other harm. This Program is designed to create and maintain a child safe environment and culture at the College and includes:

  • Child Safe Codes of Conduct
  • Clear information as to what constitutes child abuse and other harm and associated key indicators of abuse or other harm
  • Clear procedures for reporting child safety incidents or concerns internally, and for responding to allegations of child abuse or other harm
  • Strategies to support, encourage and enable Staff, volunteers, contractors, parents/carers and students to understand, identify, discuss and report child safety matters
  • Procedures for recruiting and screening members of the Executive Leadership Team, staff, volunteers and contractors
  • Procedures for reporting to external agencies, including Mandatory Notifications to the Department for Child Protection and Reporting to Police
  • Pastoral Care strategies designed to empower students and keep them safe
  • Strategies to support and encourage the participation and inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, students from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds and students living with disability
  • Child safeguarding training
  • Information regarding the steps to take after a disclosure of abuse or other harm to protect, support and assist students
  • Guidelines on  record keeping and confidentiality
  • Policies to ensure compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and standards

  • A system for continuous review and improvement.
Please see the College's comprehensive Child Safeguarding Policy

Frank Ranaldo
Deputy Principal Dean of Students
+61 8 8364 8301

Bill Trewartha
Director Student Wellbeing
(Middle Years)
+61 8 8364 8200

Evan Pezos
Director Student Wellbeing
(Senior Years)
+61 8 8364 8200

Michael Vickery
Director - Boarding
+61 8 8364 8200

Whenever there are concerns that a child is in immediate danger the Police should be called on 000.



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