Middle Years

Years 7-9

No better place for a teenage boy

At Rostrevor, we believe strong relationships between teachers and students are the key to student wellbeing and academic success. When we take the time to get to know each boy, it reminds him that he is important for who he is. Therefore, we place great emphasis on every boy being known by name by his teachers, by other boys and indeed most people he will encounter across the school day.

The Middle Years at Rostrevor includes Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9; the first half of their secondary education. It is not a separate school within the College but is a clearly defined stage of educational development that requires a focussed and tailored approach in order to bring out the best in every boy during early adolescence. At the same time, it is vital that our Middle School boys enjoy many everyday interactions with their peers in the Senior Years.

With a major intake of students at Year 7, Rostrevor draws boys from more than 25 local primary schools who join with approximately 50 boys from our own Junior Years to begin their secondary schooling. Consequently, Year 7 is an exciting time when many new friendships are formed with boys from different backgrounds and interests. It is no coincidence that our Year 7 boys usually make the most of the broad range of sporting and other co-curricular activities on offer here at the College.

Based upon the principle that, 'to educate boys, you have to know them well', the Middle School is structured around each year level having 4-5 classes of 24 boys in each class. Thus, your son will have approximately 120 other boys in his year level. Keeping class sizes close to this number provides teachers with the time they need to get to know each boy, his preferences and strengths as a learner, which enables them to better design lessons and learning activities that will engage his interest and passion.

For information regarding the vast array of opportunities offered at Rostrevor College, please view our Curriculum Handbook.

Boarding in the Middle Years

We are fortunate to accept a small number of boys into our Boarding House in Year 8 and Year 9. Usually coming from remote areas, our youngest Boarders enjoy the richness of College life and the chance to participate in music and sports that are far less accessible in their hometowns.

We also find that many of our younger boarders develop friendships with local families of their new classmates; friendships that last a lifetime. At the same time, our day students enjoy friendships with boys who live in places very different to their own; something that is incalculable in terms of their overall learning here at Rostrevor.

Our most recent developments in Duggan House reflect, in part, our desire to provide staffing, routines and activities which best match the needs of this important group of Rostrevor students.

What makes Rostrevor so special

Teachers make the single biggest difference to a boy's education. With this in mind, we are very fortunate to have teachers who love teaching and love teaching boys in the Middle Years. As you would expect, we give priority to employing teachers who are subject experts and who have a passion for working with boys.

We invest heavily in their professional growth and innovation knowing that when teachers are enjoying their work it pays huge dividends to the boys entrusted to their care.

Seeing boys who enjoy coming to school, who are strongly engaged in pursuing academic success and a broader range of co-curricular activities is strong evidence that it is hard to find a better place to be a teenage boy than in a purposely crafted, all boys middle school.

Belonging and Care

Boys thrive when they are deeply connected to their community. Our House Structure and vertical Pastoral Care (PC) groups are integral to supporting the development of a strong sense of belonging to different parts of the Rostrevor Community. Upon enrolment, each boy is allocated to one of six Houses. Younger siblings and sons of Old Collegians will usually be allocated to the same house as their brothers or father. In any year, each house is comprised of approximately 90 boys from Year 7 to Year 12. Within each house are 5 Pastoral Care (PC) classes each with boys from Year 7-Year 12.

We give priority to PC teachers remaining with their group of boys year after year. Likewise, it is not uncommon for boys to experience a single teacher as Head of House for their entire journey from enrolment in Year 7 through to graduation in Year 12. By keeping teachers and students together in this way, they get to know each other very well providing a more family-like network of support for every boy.

Within the Houses and PC classes, older boys are given responsibility for caring for and mentoring their younger peers. Looking out for those around you, is something that comes naturally to most boys and plays a huge role in creating a safe school where people know each other and are not intimidated by the presence of older students. Coming together on sports and House Days is also a tremendous source of camaraderie, friendly rivalry and lifelong memories.

In recent years we have appointed a senior member of staff, to the position of the Director of Student Wellbeing Middle Years in recognition of the importance of the Middle Years. The Director oversees Middle School programs and networks to ensure they adequately provide for the needs of our boys. The Director also becomes a key figure in the life of the boys. As a highly experienced teacher and coach, Mr Trewartha is admired by students and exemplifies our highly relational approach to supporting every boy to make the most of his time in the Middle Years.


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