A Catholic Boys ’ Day and Boarding College in the Edmund Rice Tradition - Reception to YEAR 12.

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Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education Program at Rostrevor College is an integral part of the school's co-curricular program. The program involves a series of physically and mentally challenging activities which are outdoor and adventure based. They are designed to be sequential but are structured so that the students can participate at their own level.

The program aims to develop teamwork, leadership and imitative skills that the students can utilise in their school environment and community; to provide the students with the opportunity to participate in a challenging activities in order to increase self-esteem, self-reliance and self-confidence; to provide a medium which promotes communication, planning, decision making and acceptance of others, and; to foster an understanding and appreciation of the natural environment.

This in turn gives students the opportunity to develop kinaesthetic awareness, coordination and physical strength as well as teach teamwork skills and foster a greater sense of cooperation to counteract the competitive environment of the school.

Students in the Middle Years attend camps, which while vary in focus, exposes students to physically and mentally challenging activities.

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