Why all Boys

Seeing boys who enjoy coming to school, who are strongly pursuing academic success and are involved in sport, music and other co-curricular activities, is strong evidence that there is no better place for boys than a purposely crafted, all boys school.

At Rostrevor, we understand boys and how they learn. Our experienced teachers know what it takes to capture a boy's interest and challenge him to be the best he can be.
We take the time to get to know every boy, understand his individual needs and build on his unique strengths.

We understand that strong relationships between teachers and students are the key to student wellbeing and academic success. When we take the time to get to know each boy, it reminds him that he is important for who he is. Therefore, we place a great emphasis on every boy being known by name by his teachers, by other boys and indeed most people he will encounter across the school day.

Teachers make the single biggest difference to a boy's education. With this in mind, we are very fortunate to have teachers who love teaching and enjoy teaching boys. As you would expect, we give priority to employing teachers who are subject experts and who have a passion for working with boys. We invest heavily in their professional growth and innovation knowing that when teachers are enjoying their work, it pays huge dividends to the boys entrusted to their care.

We want our boys to be challenged

Parents considering a Rostrevor education for their son frequently comment that their sons seem to be "just cruising" and they want them to be challenged. At Rostrevor, our specialist teachers strive to bring out the best in every student by delivering a contemporary, engaging and relevant curriculum that boys want to learn.

We are often impressed by the number of students that excel in multiple academic, sporting and musical pursuits, which tells us that our boys thrive on new challenges and a varied diet of study, sport and creativity.

"My three boys love the grounds and their sport and, academically, they have come ahead in leaps and bounds" Michael (parent)

Success by boys in language-rich subjects

Rostrevor regularly demonstrates that boys are capable of succeeding at the highest level in language-rich subjects. In 2018, the State's highest prize for Year 12 English Studies the Tennyson Medal went to Rostrevor student Cyril Saji, demonstrating the positive outcomes that can be achieved in an all-boys environment. In 2019, Rostrevor's Senior Debating Team won the SA Secondary School Championship.

From the earliest school years, Rostrevor places great emphasis on literacy skills and developing a love of reading. As our boys progress through the Middle Years and beyond, this emphasis flows through every aspect of their learning giving our boys the confidence to express themselves in all areas of study and life.

Boys learn better when they are active

A boys' school understands the need for boys to be active and that they thrive physically, socially and academically when they are engaged in sport. Rostrevor offers an exceptional and diverse Co-Curricular program supported by many top-class Coaches. Rostrevor has a philosophy of encouraging participation in healthy physical activity and developing sporting skills and team spirit across all ability levels from a young age. Research demonstrates a link between fitness and academic performance and suggests exercise is good for perseverance, discipline and focus as well as overall mental and physical wellbeing.

The camaraderie and friendships that develop through sport are invaluable and often remain with our boys well beyond their school years.

On the sporting field:

  • Seven graduates have been recruited by AFL clubs in the past 3 years.

  • Numerous cricketers, soccer players and other athletes have been selected for State and National squads.

Tailored learning for every boy

At Rostrevor, each learner is considered on an individual basis to ensure he can access all aspects of school life and flourish. Learning occurs when a student receives high-quality instruction, intervention and adjustments that enable him to succeed academically.

In addition to our exceptional teachers, Rostrevor employs 12 co-educators to provide extra support for individual learners in the key learning areas of literacy and numeracy - as well as supporting the student's social and emotional needs.

Acknowledging individual needs, and making adjustments to their learning where necessary, enables teachers to meet the boys at their current level. The College experience is that students want to take that next step and are happy to receive extra help to get there.

Rostrevor’s personalised learning approach also applies to advanced learners who are strongly supported to excel at the highest level.


Respect and Compassion

In the absence of girls, boys will often take a greater role of supporting and "looking out for" their peers or younger students. So, it can be a gentler environment than you expect. They will often "step up" and show a greater level of care and compassion than they would in a co-ed environment.

As a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition, our boys are given many opportunities to be "men for others" by supporting elderly people in aged care, those living with disabilities, the homeless and disadvantaged through our social justice programs. Rostrevor is among the most active and dedicated schools in SA when it comes to our students' work in the community.

A good mix of female and male teachers means our boys and young men have strong female role models as well as programs which teach our boys the importance gender equality and respect.

Rostrevor College's strong commitment to Service and Spirit, Social Justice and Environmental Action and Advocacy encourages students to care about the world around them and make a positive difference in the world. This compassion and empathy is further nurtured by our teachers - many of whom will leave a lasting impression on their pupils.

"My boys always speak so fondly of Mr Vlad. What a wonderful teacher, example and mentor for our boys. All three think he's beyond awesome. Thank you Mr Vlad. You're a teacher my boys will remember forever. You truly make a difference." - parent (Fran)




An environment free from comparisons

The enormous expectations, changes and pressures of adolescence make it a confusing time for boys to be growing up. At Rostrevor, we help boys find their place in society and answer "what does it mean to be a boy in today's world?" It can be a time of great self-consciousness and a boy's self esteem can benefit when he is not feeling continually compared to others but is allowed to be himself and be accepted for who he is.

In an all boys' environment, students tend to have fewer concerns around body image. There is a freedom that comes with that lack of comparison that they seem to enjoy. Interestingly, research shows that both boys and girls will ask more questions in a single-gender setting as they are typically less self-conscious about how they are perceived by their peers.


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