Bulletin, Term 1, Week 10

Written on the 6 April 2017 by Jeff Fischer

Co-Curricular 2017

It is always great to see the ovals transition from summer to winter sport; once the soccer and football goals are set up on the ovals, the number of students accessing these spaces to participate grows enormously. This week has seen the majority of our teams commence training in preparation for Terms 2 and 3 Winter Co-Curricular.

I would like to outline a number of the College expectations in regards to the Winter Co-Curricular Program.

Sports Program: The majority Middle and Senior Years sporting competitions begin on 6 May, which is Week 1 of Term 2.  Once the program is made available from the SAAS Competition (which is expected to occur next week), it will be made available to coaches and posted on the College website under Co-Curricular.

Away venues: When your son has a scheduled away match, he is required to download a map from the College website under Co-Curricular. 

Schools do not always play on their actual grounds; therefore, it is important to check where the match is being played. Maps are usually available by Wednesday of the upcoming weekend but this is reliant upon the opposing school to forward the information.

Activities Expectations: The College continues to adopt the policy that students play for the school as their first priority if the activity is offered by the school. Students are free to participate in activities outside of the College, as long as they do not interfere with their involvement in the College Co-Curricular Program. Students who have nominated for an activity are expected to attend all training sessions and games. Our nominations to SAAS are based on the number of students who select each activity, therefore, it is inappropriate for a student to decide that he no longer wishes to do the activity or would prefer to do another without the approval of the Head of Co-Curricular.

Student Availability: Students are expected to make themselves available for all matches indicated in the program. Where a student does require exemption from a weekend fixture, he should ask his coach as early as possible and no later than the Wednesday preceding the game.  If an unexpected illness or problem occurs on Friday night or Saturday morning, students must get a message to their coach to avoid consequences. All teachers are contactable via email and contact with outside coaches such as old scholars and parents should be discussed at training or games.

Uniforms: The College expects all students to be dressed appropriately for the activity they are undertaking. It is each parent's responsibility to ensure that their son/s have and wear the correct uniform for both practice and matches. If you have any questions about what is expected, please contact the Uniform Shop.

Communication: Our Co-Curricular Program is very extensive and occasionally things will not go entirely to plan. Please contact me if a problem arises and we can work to resolve the issue before it becomes a major concern. I will be equally happy to hear from you when things go well. 

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