Junior Years News - Article 2

Written on the 16 February 2017 by Geoff Aufderheide

Dear Community,

With the holiday period now a distant memory, it's all systems 'Go' in the Rostrevor Junior Campus. Boys have settled well into the routines and structures of school life and learning in classrooms is well and truly underway. It has been pleasing to note that, after discussion with many of our new students and their families, they too have settled in as part of the Rostrevor family. As our new Principal, Mr Damian Messer has said, this is one of the most welcoming communities in education.

Annual Aldinga Camp

Our annual Year 5 Class and Year 6 Leaders camp to Aldinga took place at the end of last week. Whilst it was pretty hot (where wasn't it?) the beach location made it a little more bearable. A key part of the venture was for the boys to engage in learning about the environment both on land and in the water. Thursday saw us all spend the day at the awesome Aldinga Beach where the boys participated in surf safety lessons and education about surf conditions. With the tragic loss of life later that afternoon on a packed beach, the learning we had about safety was strongly reinforced. When the boys arrived home on Friday afternoon hot and tired they all shared excited stories of the time they spent with their peers. It was yet another successful camp and we are all indebted to Ms Lauren Hanson, Mr Michael Hingston and Mr Michael Monda for their incredible support and care of the boys whilst they were away from home.

Student Collection and Safety

Each afternoon, we ensure that all of the Junior Campus boys connect with a family member to ensure safe travel home. It is a busy period in the collection/pick-up area and there are a few things we can all do to ensure everyone is safe.

I remind all parents/caregivers/family members that Reception - Year 2 students are dismissed at 3:00pm. People collecting boys in those year levels are invited to come into the school and wait for the boys to be dismissed and to locate a car-park either adjacent to the Womma Oval or in one of the parking bays on Kintyre Road. If you are collecting a student from the pick-up area (adjacent to the shelter), then please note that parking is only available for a maximum of 2 minutes in this area between 3-4pm.

Our Year 3-6 students are dismissed at 3:15pm to allow the safe exit of the younger boys and to avoid a build-up of traffic in the area. If your son is not where he should be, rather than parking in the collection zone and holding up traffic, we advise all drivers to do a loop of the College to improve traffic flow. Thank you all in anticipation of your support. I'm sure you'll all agree the safety of the boys is our collective responsibility.

Student Representative Committee Members Semester One, 2017

We look forward to presenting our newly elected Student Representative Committee Members with their badges in our Assembly next Tuesday from 2:30pm in the Callan Hall. These young men have been acknowledged by their peers as having the qualities required to represent the attitudes and opinions of the broader student group. We look forward to their work when they commence and they will be ably led by our Campus Captain, Charlie Crafter and Vice-Captain, Thomas Washbourne.

Congratulations to the following boys;

Yr. 1        Jordan Becker
               Daniel McGuire Coward

2R           Alex Ascensio
               Miles Fotheringham

3B           Christian Disciscio
               Harry Binns

4/5B       Alessio Fantasia (Yr. 4)
              Lucas Vitagliano (Yr. 5)

5/6R       Archie Vawser (Yr. 5)
              Riley Mahar (Yr. 6)

6B          Jack Dundon
              Jake Smith


Best Wishes,


Geoff Aufderhiede 
Director Junior Campus 





Author:Geoff Aufderheide


Glen Stuart Rd Woodforde Sa 5072 Australia


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