Junior Years Curriculum
Reception - Year 6

At Rostrevor, we recognise the early schooling years are vital in establishing the foundation skills and knowledge for young children in literacy, numeracy, creativity and comprehension, which they will draw on for the rest of their lives.

We know that individuals learn at different levels and believe it's important to foster this to allow students to reach their full potential. Staff work hard to develop differentiated units of work that accommodate for varied levels of entry into learning, including extension and enrichment options.

We are committed to enhancing and encouraging the inclusion of all students, particularly at a Junior level, where young men are still developing their confidence.

Our Junior curriculum focuses on key learning areas including English, Mathematics, HASS (Humanities and Social Science), Science and Technology, Health and Physical Education, the Arts/Music and the study of Italian. We also introduce Religious Education and share the core values that underpin this.

At Rostrevor College Junior Campus we have;

  • Highly qualified teaching staff who have completed the Professional Development Program of Teachers in Education of Gifted and Talented Students in South Australian Catholic Schools
  • Access to a full range of specialist staff and teachers, including senior teachers in areas such as Music, PE, Environmental Education, Science and foreign languages
  • All the advantages of one spacious campus, with room to play and learn including the College swimming pool
  • Dedicated Junior Years facilities including a Resource Centre, music room, art and design technology, separate playing fields and
  • Access to Senior facilities such as the Technology and Science Discovery Centre and Music Centre
  • IT infrastructure and staff training leading the way in digital learning. With IT studies taught from Reception, students are armed with vital skills in technology
  • Strong music program including ensemble opportunities and Year 5 brass program
  • Co-curricular available from Year 2
  • Junior classes enjoy visits from their senior Prefect mentors and the buddy system between Reception and Year 6 students fosters resilience and confidence
  • Learning is hands-on and challenging



Glen Stuart Rd Woodforde Sa 5072 Australia


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