Pastoral Care & House Structure

At Rostrevor College, every student is under the care of their Pastoral Care teacher. In the Junior Years, this is the students' class teacher and from Year 7 through to Year 12, it will be the same staff member allocated to nurture the development of the boys across the six years of Middle and Senior schooling.

Each student will be assigned to one of the 6 Houses, named after 6 historically significant individuals in the College's history. Each House is supported by a Head of House who oversees all activities of the House.

In the Middle and Senior years, the 6 Houses are made up of 5 Pastoral Care groups. All vertically structured with students from Years 7 to 12 in each group.

The 5 Pastoral Care groups come together as a House, once a week, to celebrate House Liturgies in the Chapel and to celebrate significant events and achievements in the life of the College and of students within the House. Each alternative week, the House gathers in the Kelty Theatre for administrative purposes. Here, student leaders lead prayer and help deliver important notices while at all times promoting the ideals that underpin what it means to be a Rostrevor student.

Major sporting events, such as the Swimming Carnival and Athletics Carnival, are also held using the House System as their basis. These Carnivals build upon what is a very significant aspect of the wonderful tradition of Rostrevor College.
Pastoral Care Activities

The vertical Pastoral Care system is extremely well received and some wonderful ceremonies and events are undertaken.

One example is on "Harmony Day" when all staff and students (R-12) come together to celebrate cultural differences while at the same time promoting social harmony. Previously, this has included making and flying kites. This provides a myriad of colour and combines the oldest and biggest boys mixing and working with the youngest and smallest boys.

Another significant celebration was our 90th Anniversary, 2013, when we again held an R-12 activities afternoon.  This time, we saw all students, in House groups, undertake a number of games and activities that culminated with the cutting of a 'House Coloured' 90th Birthday Cake.

Other such whole-school activity afternoons will continue into the future in the belief that we are more than just a community but rather, we are a family.

Throughout the year, many other student personal development programs and events are undertaken/acknowledged within the Pastoral Care structure.

These include: National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, Close the Gap, retreat program, Service Learning program, Student Leadership Forums, Student Empowerment Forum (Mind Matters), Road Awareness Programs (SAPOL, MFS and others), Cyber Bullying Presentations by SAPOL, Oxygen Factory Motivation Day for Year 12 Students, Brainstorm drama productions on Bullying, Year 10 Dancing program with Loreto Students, Encounter Youth 'Safety at Schoolies' program for Year 12 students, Legal Advice to Adolescents; Scott Darlow production to Middle Years students, Year 7 Spring Breakfast, Year 8 Enculturation Day, Year 9 Tax File Presentation by ATO and Red and Black Discos each term.

These are in addition to our normal Pastoral Care program which covers other topics such as resilience, 'getting along', organisation and exam preparation, to name a few.



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